The best places to combine a cruise with a fishing adventure

The best places to combine a cruise with a fishing adventure

With some cruise ships enabling people to explore a city, it’s common for travelers to enjoy a variety of adventures when they dock at a new destination. Of course, depending on the amount of time you have will determine what exactly you can do, but there are some great places around the world to enjoy a spot of fishing for a few hours.

deep sea angler on boat

While people also opt to grab a bite to eat or explore a local market to snap up presents for loved ones, some locations are too good to turn down in terms of providing a memorable fishing adventure. Instead of watching divers in BBC documentaries get close and personal with exotic fish, catching up with the brilliant Mortimer and Whitehouse’s Gone Fishing, or playing bass-filled favorites like Pragmatic Play’s Big Bass Bonanza Megaways game, gearing up and attempting to catch some fish in the flesh is a great thing to do while embarking on a cruise. You can fish from the shoreline or even take a boat out to sea for a few hours, too.

With many cruises starting, finishing, or passing through some fishing hotspots, let’s take a look at some of the best places to fish in the world right now. For holidaymakers with an interest in fishing, combining a cruise with a fishing adventure is a fantastic thing to do.

The Bahamas

Enjoying the delights of a Caribbean cruise is something many cruise lovers can’t wait to experience. If you stop off in the Bahamas, then you’re likely to have a fantastic day’s worth of fishing. In terms of big game fishing, you’re likely to catch some monsters in these wonderful waters, with large tuna, marlin, and mahi-mahi being caught there. You might even land yourself a sailfish, although they put up a big fight. The Abacos Islands is home to some seriously large fish, with guides available to take you to the very best spots the Bahamas has to offer.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

A cruise in and around Australia is a wonderful thing anyway, but when you combine your adventure with a fishing trip to the Great Barrier Reef round off, you won't be disappointed. In addition to snorkeling and diving, the crystal clear waters of this wonder of the world offer world-class fishing. Lizard Island is particularly popular, although due to the long coastline there are many good fishing spots. You can catch everything from mackerel to giant grouper here.

Costa Rica

school of mackerel fish

Costa Rica's bountiful coastlines offer a variety of fish species that are some of the most amazing that the underwater world has to offer. From sea bream and snapper to tuna and snook, Costa Rica's sport fishing is some of the best in the world. Puerto Limon in Costa Rica is probably a destination for experienced anglers, but given the challenging environment and the huge species of fish that can be found in the country's waters, it's one of the best fishing destinations to visit right now.


If you prefer cruising in a colder climate, then Scotland is definitely one of the top destinations around for fishing. Particularly popular within the fly-fishing community, Scotland’s famous rivers are accessible, although you might need to stay in the area for more than a few hours at a time to truly enjoy the country’s amazing fishing. Trout are caught in the country’s rivers, while salmon are also being landed by anglers. Overall, if your preference is freshwater fishing for salmon and trout, then Scotland is a country worth looking into.

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