The most popular cruise destinations for German vacationers

The most popular cruise destinations for German vacationers

For a long time, cruises seemed to be reserved exclusively for an older, wealthy clientele. Travelers of all ages are now discovering the world on comfortable cruise ships.

The prices for cruises have fallen significantly in the lower and middle segment, while the variety of offers on ships is increasing.

Vacationers enjoy the comfort of small and large ships. The floating hotel is the ideal means of transport for travelers to get to know attractive destinations within a few days or weeks without any effort.

The ships are equipped with many amenities, not least fast, reliable and affordable WiFi. This is particularly useful for passengers who share their travel impressions directly on social media or who want to play an online game from time to time. There may be an exceptional chance of combining your “dream trip” with a sizeable win in the online casino.

German vacationers prefer these destinations

The world is big and colourful. There are interesting destinations on all continents. There are several factors that determine the choice of the “right” cruise: the port of departure and destination, the route and the price. The latter is particularly important, not every holidaymaker affords an expensive cruise Cape Horn with prior arrival by plane. Preferred travel destinations for Germans are the Mediterranean, Northern and Eastern Europe and the Canary Islands.

vasco da gama kiel ostseekai

Vasco da Gama at the Ostseekai in Kiel

Cruises in the Eastern Mediterranean

The dream destinations of the eastern Mediterranean can be easily reached from the ports of departure Venice or Trieste. Frequently visited destinations are the Greek capital Athens, Katakolon with Olympia, the Greek islands like Santorini or Rhodes, destinations in Turkey or Haifa in Israel.

Western Mediterranean cruises

Travel through the western Mediterranean starts in Civitavecchia near Rome, in Genoa, Savona or in Spain Barcelona. Selected destinations are places steeped in history such as Marseille, the enclave of Gibraltar, Cartagena in Spain or Palma de Mallorca.

Cruises to Northern European destinations

Cruise ships visit northern Europe mainly in summer. The Nordic destinations are popular with nature lovers. These include cruises around the British Isles, the Norwegian fjords, Oslo, to Iceland and the Lofoten.

Cruising in the Baltic Sea Region

Cruises in the Baltic Sea region are very popular. The starting ports for such ship trips are German ports such as Kiel or Rostock-Warnemünde and the Danish Copenhagen. Boat trips in the Baltic Sea primarily appeal to fans of art and culture. The ships' route list includes cities such as Saint Petersburg with the world-famous Hermitage, Helsinki in Finland and the capitals of the Baltics. A big advantage of traveling in summer is that the days are remarkably long. Those who spend the “white nights” in Saint Petersburg enjoy days when the sun barely sets. The destinations worth seeing in the Baltic Sea region also include the Swedish cities of Stockholm and Gothenburg as well as Gotland with its capital Visby.

storebæltsbroen large belt bridge

Storebæltsbroen - Great Belt Bridge

Cruises to the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are a preferred travel destination for Germans in the winter months. The islands welcome visitors with a warm and mild climate all year round. Visitors appreciate these advantages, especially in winter. At a Canary Cruise there is a chance to explore most of the Canary Islands in one trip. Cruise companies often combine trips to the Canary Islands archipelago with a visit to the Portuguese island of flowers Madeira.

Cruises offer the best way to visit and discover the aforementioned destinations. They offer the opportunity to see many well-known cities and unique landscapes in a short time. And as is so often the case with a cruise, the culinary delights and entertainment on board remain positive memories long after the end of the voyage.

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