The rise of online casinos on cruise ships

Scientists are convinced that gambling has existed for about five millennia. Mankind apparently developed a weakness for playing with chance very early on.

The charm of gambling on the high seas

It began with six-sided dice made of bone or ivory. After that, the playing techniques were refined. Gambling has long been banned or at least strictly regulated in many countries. That changed over time. German online casinos now practice poker, casino and virtual slot games. Cruise ships offer their guests a wide range of casino options, from traditional table games to the latest online slots. Many passengers consider onboard casinos to be the highlight of their vacation; an exotic blend of relaxation and thrills.

cunard queen mary 2 hamburg

Queen Mary 2

In today's digital world, it's not surprising that online casinos are in demand, not least on cruise ships. Increasing digitization allows guests to play from anywhere on the ship thanks to improved Internet access. On more and more cruise ships, guests enjoy their games via smartphones or tablets.

In this context, the question of interest is which casinos offer payment via PayPal. The increasing acceptance of PayPal and other digital payment methods at online casinos makes gambling more accessible and safer as many players appreciate the fast, secure and anonymous transactions as their preferred payment method.

Hal Nieuw Statendam Casino

Nieuw Statendam Casino

The technological innovation in cruise ship casinos

Advances in technology are enabling cruise lines to install state-of-the-art casino technology to enrich gaming experiences onboard cruise ships. The ships use advanced gaming technologies to digitize traditional casino games. This includes digital blackjack and roulette tables where players compete against computer-controlled opponents, and advanced slot machines equipped with high-definition displays and interactive features. The new technologies benefit two parties. They offer exciting gaming experiences to passengers; and ship operators improve the efficiency of their casinos.

Legal aspects of gambling on cruise ships

Gambling on cruise ships is governed by specific rules and laws. On the one hand, the law of the flag state applies on the ships. After leaving the twelve-mile zone, international maritime law begins. From that moment the casinos open and gambling is allowed without restrictions. On the other hand, the casinos in the ports are mostly closed. The law of the host country applies there. Another issue is the protection of minors. Children and young people are not allowed in the casino. The appropriate entry age is evaluated differently. Some shipping companies allow 18-year-olds to enter the on-board casino, while other shipping companies only allow visitors over the age of 21 to enter the casino.

The right clothes for visiting the casino on the cruise ship

Many cruise ships have loose dress codes throughout the day. However, casino guests are expected to dress smarter. Elegance and style are particularly important on luxury ships. Sweatpants, sandals or missing jackets are taboo. However, a tie or bow tie is not required.

It's a fact: the world of gambling on the high seas is an intriguing blend of traditional casino flair and modern technology. Whether you are a fan of table games, slot machines or online casinos, the cruise industry has something for everyone.

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