Traveling by cruise ship - 7 moments of wellbeing

In most cases, you are spoiled for choice before going on holiday. Vacations require preliminary decisions. The duration of the trip and the destination must be weighed up. What is the purpose of the trip? Do we want to relax or experience something new? Are you planning a long-distance trip or a city trip over the weekend? Do we want a club vacation or a safari?

We don't want to forget cruises. The demand for this type of vacation has grown rapidly in recent years. What are the advantages of a cruise anyway? Sea voyages stand for decelerated travel. Our floating hotel brings us to the most attractive destinations, and we are also looked after by the crew according to every trick in the book. There are no doubt several good reasons to cruise. We would like to mention a few at this point.

Excellent cuisine

A German proverb says: Eating and drinking keep body and soul together. From a culinary point of view, there is great diversity on cruise ships. The rule of thumb is: the bigger the ship, the more options the restaurants offer. By the way, all-inclusive offers are popular, as part of which guests are pampered.

Sunbathing by the pool

What could be nicer than relaxing on the open decks on days at sea and in good weather during the day. There are enough areas to lie on. The attentive crew takes care of the beverage service, towels and other amenities. On large ships there are often open and covered swimming pools and there are plenty of sun and shade around them.

my ship 2 133 x bar deck

Mein Schiff 2 - X-Bar - pool view

An evening in the casino

All cruise lines, regardless of their size, have great evening entertainment. There is no boredom. How about a visit to the casino? There are mostly one or more casinos, especially on medium-sized and large cruise ships. The guests choose between slot machine and table games. Roulette. Poker or blackjack are the most popular games on board the ships.

Elaborate show programs

On most ships, sophisticated evening entertainment is offered daily in various areas of the ship. These include, for example, high-class artistry, magicians with amazing skills, comedians or musical entertainment of all styles. Elaborate show programs, movies and more are also on offer. There are few limits to the range of offers.


Extensive sports offers

Have you eaten too much from the dessert buffet? The pounds drop in the ships' fitness center. In addition to well-equipped, state-of-the-art training equipment, there are other ways to do sports. Jogging lanes, climbing walls, basketball courts and much more are among the indispensable sports offers on modern cruise ships. Fencing courses are even offered on board the Cunard ships.

Fitness training

As already said, fitness centers are standard on the ships. Whether cardio or strength training, both are offered on a cruise vacation. There are also trainers available to help guests put together the best possible training for their time on board and also give advice on healthy nutrition. . It is up to the ship's guest whether they return from their cruise in top form.

Don't forget the creative moments

The creativity of passengers is also encouraged on modern cruise ships. Cruise companies present interested guests, for example, offers for acting classes or creative painting.

Our conclusion: cruise ships offer good accommodation, a wide range of entertainment and an excellent range of dishes. The international crews take care of and pamper their guests. Cruises are the ideal form of vacation for many people

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