Visit two of Europe's oldest casinos by cruise ship

Visit two of Europe's oldest casinos by cruise ship

Online casinos have been attracting customers for years. Many people try their luck on their cell phones, computers or tablets. Whether at machines or at roulette - casinos drive the excitement

Online providers use the casino bonus code for existing customers. But anyone who thinks that the online casino world alone provides excitement and fun is wrong. Not only on the Internet is successfully played. Some of the oldest casinos in Europe are worth a visit. There are casinos in many European cities. But above all the old, venerable institutions are of interest.

These four casinos belong on the bucket list when traveling in Europe

  • Casino of Venice
  • Monte-Carlo Casino
  • spa casino
  • Casino Baden-Baden

The Casino of Venice

Players planning a vacation in Italy should pay a visit to Casino di Venezia. Its historical setting leaves nothing to be desired. Although the variety of offers leaves a lot to be desired, players' hearts beat faster because of the historical ambience. In Venice's casino, visitors feel transported into another world. The Venetian casino looks back on a long history. Luck was tried there for the first time as early as 1638, while in the rest of Europe gambling only took off in the 19th century.

venice 240 casino di venezia cannaregio

Casino di Venice in Venice

What distinguishes the Casino di Venezia?

Free entry is a plus. Not to mention the flair of the furnishings: the balconies offer views of the Grand Canal. Candlelight dinners accompanied by the sound of violins get under the skin of visitors. And those who travel to Venice for the carnival are well advised to make a detour to the casino. Then the casino offers an enchanting stage for the largest masked ball in Europe.

This casino offers the "classics" among the games. Roulette, poker and slot machines are fun and provide one or the other additional profit.

The Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco

The Casino de Monte-Carlo promises pure luxury. The promise is kept. High society often gathers in Monaco to play at the roulette table or at the numerous slot machines. The wide halls of the old casino offer more than 600 slots. So that the visitors feel comfortable, new game events are constantly being provided. Old architecture is combined with modern technology in the Casino de Monte-Carlo. For example, the winnings are booked on a ticket that is paid out at the end of the visit.

monaco casino

Casino Monte Carlo

Why does the casino charm its guests?

The casino in Monaco does not only offer gaming fun. If you want to breathe in the exclusive flair of the house for several days, check into one of the luxury suites. A curious side note: Monegasques have been forbidden to enter the casino for the purpose of gambling since the 18th century.

Venerable casinos in inland Europe

Venice and the Principality of Monaco are served by cruise ships. The following two traditional casinos in Belgium and Germany can only be reached by land.

The Casino de Spa

The small town Spa in the province of Liège/Belgium is well-known for its Formula XNUMX races. Last but not least, the casino founded in XNUMX has contributed to the worldwide reputation of the community. The casino impresses with its architecture and location. Visitors are enthusiastic about the castle-like property and the well-kept park surrounding it. With more than XNUMX slots and nine poker tables, the casino is highly regarded among its competitors.

It also has an ancient and impressive history. It has already been destroyed by fire and rebuilt three times. Reconstruction was followed by modernization. Despite the innovations, the traditional house shines in its old glory.

The Casino Baden-Baden

In the casino of Baden-Baden, on the edge of the Black Forest, you can see stars who like gambling. The casino quickly gained international fame after its inception. The "crème de la crème" fell in love with the furnishings. Elegance, style, history and exclusivity have been cultivated at Casino Baden-Baden for more than XNUMX years. It enjoys an excellent reputation among European casinos.

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