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Cruises on rivers and on the high seas are trendy. Last year more than two million Germans traveled on cruise ships. The number of passengers, travel sales and the number of overnight stays on board the ships all grew by a double-digit percentage compared to the previous year. Across Europe, Germans are European champions in cruises ahead of the British.

aida cruises aida prima in rotterdam

Cruise ship AIDA Prima

The Germans' favorite ocean-going destinations are north-west Europe, the British Isles, the Baltic Sea and the entire Mediterranean region. Targets that seem popular, such as Atlantic crossings, the Canary Islands or North America including the Caribbean, end up behind in the lower ranks.

The cruise market is growing faster than other travel markets. Shipping companies are countering this trend by putting new ships into service. Renowned shipyards are busy building cruise ships well into the year 2025. No wonder, after all, shipping companies put new ships into service every year to meet the growing global demand.

Considering the manifold Cruise offers Cruise newbies in particular have many questions. To name just a few: Should it be a river cruise or an ocean cruise? Is a club ship preferable to a cruise ship with regular procedures and a fixed dress code? Should one prefer a small or rather a large ship? To what extent are accompanying children taken care of? What additional costs are to be borne? How should travelers with chronic illnesses watch out on ships? What language is the on-board language and what is the German-speaking crew member on board ... etc. etc. etc.

These questions are unlikely to be answered by the discounter or the supermarket around the corner that sell boat trips together with cooperation partners. On the other hand, there are answers from proven cruise specialists. One of the experts is the Astoria cruises headquarters in Osnabrück. What started in 1987 as a "normal" travel agency has since developed into a provider of river and ocean cruises. The company employs almost 30 people who provide advice to interested parties and customers seven days a week. Regular customers are regularly kept up to date by newsletter and letter. The in-house cruise newspaper also provides an overview of the range of services offered by the Astoria cruises headquarters. You can find it on the Internet under Kreuzfahrt Zeitung, and it also appears as a print medium.

cruise newspaper

Screenshot of the website kreuzfahrt-zeitung.de

In the news area, the portal reports on cruise topics of general interest such as new ships or newly appointed captains. There is a wide range of information on shipping companies, travel destinations, cruise ships and cruise ports. Travel reports complete the range of information.

Documentations about the shipping companies contain, in an informative and entertaining way, their history, the presentation of the ships, the ambience on board and the main cruise destinations.

The newspaper devotes itself intensively to the cruise destinations of the Caribbean, Atlantic, North Sea, Baltic Sea and Norway. The destinations are conveniently linked to corresponding cruise offers. In addition, many ports and their peculiarities are presented. The texts come from the pens of the employees. They describe the knowledge gained from a personal and professional point of view.

Our conclusion: The cruise newspaper is worth reading and useful. The employees of Astoria Cruises Headquarters We are happy to answer any remaining open questions after reading.


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