With the 700 euro gaming laptop on board: gaming on the cruise thanks to fast internet

With the 700 euro gaming laptop on board: gaming on the cruise thanks to fast internet

People want to stay connected to the internet world while on vacation, like they are used to at home.

Shipping companies are aware of this, which is why Internet connections on cruise ships are becoming faster and more stable. For example, Royal Caribbean has its own VOOM brand fast internet brought on board, which even makes online gaming possible on the cruise. On an increasing number of cruise ships, gamers can now look forward to gaming fun during the journey. Some cruises are specifically aimed at gamers. Since it is too cumbersome to bring a gamer PC tower on board, a 700 euro gaming PC is suitable for immersing yourself in game worlds using a special laptop during the cruise.

my ship 6 playground video games

Mein Schiff 6 - Playground - Video games

Cruises for gamers

Royal Caribbean understands that gaming enthusiasts want to play on computers while traveling. If you don't have a handheld console or gamer PC with you, you can play on the console in the Xbox Lounge on the Anthem of the Seas. Online gaming and video streaming are possible while traveling here thanks to the fast internet. If you're looking to make it to the next level, we recommend the GACU Cruise. The abbreviation stands for “Games, Animation, and Comic Ultra Convention Cruise” and combines everything that has to do with gaming, animation and comics on one ship. The game cruise is scheduled several times next year and is completely about gaming.

The 700 Euro gaming laptop in the luggage to play on board

Whether it's the gaming-themed cruise or a "normal" cruise, gamers don't want to neglect their favorite hobby on board. To get the best gaming experience onboard a cruise ship, it's best to get a gaming laptop that fits in your suitcase and offers gaming power, while still not being too expensive - you never know what's going to happen when you travel. Therefore, a 700 euro gaming laptop for the cruise is a good choice. On board, guests can immerse themselves in game worlds of their choice in the cabin or on the deck.

In order to avoid waiting times and download problems while traveling, it is advisable for gamers to use the free full German version of the PC game download. Before you start your journey, you download all the games that interest you from different genres and worlds onto your PC. Nothing stops you from diving straight into your favorite games on board. There are no download worries. Extensive MMORPGs, action hits, puzzle games and all sorts of top games are available on gaming laptops.

Large selection of laptops

gaming laptop

A large selection of 700 Euro gaming PC laptops with sufficient performance is available on the market. The 5-inch Acer Aspire 15 offers high speed and excellent performance at a low weight, long battery life and plenty of storage space for lots of games. The Medion Erazer P6661 is also a solid gaming laptop that is available for around 700 euros. The Asus TUF Gaming Dash laptop makes gaming on the go a pleasure. And thanks to the fast internet connections on board, even online gaming on the move becomes a reality with these PCs.


Even on trips and cruises, travelers don't want to give up their favorite hobbies. With high-speed internet on board, gaming lounges for snoozing, and even gaming-focused cruises, gamers will find plenty to enjoy on board. And with a 700 Euro gaming PC in your luggage, nothing stands in the way of gaming on the trip.

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