Change of ship for cruises - consumer rights

AIDA Cruises as is known, had problems with the takeover of those to be built in Japan AIDAprima. The Mitsubishi shipyard commissioned with the construction was unable to complete the new building within the agreed delivery date. For the second time, AIDA Cruises recently had to admit that the voyages cannot take place in the planned period.

The once revised schedules saw the AIDAprima in October 2015 on a maiden voyage from Yokohama to Dubai. During the entire winter program, the ship was to take on weekly tours from Dubai. As a consequence of the unfortunate situation, the company offers its guests the possibility of rebooking on other ships. The trips departing from Dubai will now be the AIDAstella take over. In addition to changing ships, travelers are offered on-board vouchers and / or discounts on their next trips.

AIDAprima - design drawing

The consumer center Saxony has given thought to this approach. Beate Saupe from the consumer advice center comes to the following conclusion: "When booking a cruise ship, special value is usually placed on a specific ship, so that a change of ship represents a significant impairment of the trip and a right to cancel". The booking and confirmation of a specific one Ship is therefore a guaranteed feature, which in the event of non-fulfillment justifies claims of the traveler such as price reduction or termination.

AIDAstella in the port of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

If consumers have previously made expenses for the trip, including flights, hotels and visa costs, the costs already incurred can be claimed from AIDA. Saupe: "The traveler can also be entitled to a claim for compensation for lost holiday enjoyment".