Compensation Claims - Cancellation of Cruises

The misfortune of Costa Concordia with its consequences, which cannot yet be conclusively assessed, raises the question of what rights consumers have in such cases.

On this topical matter, the Brandenburg consumer center in a press release from January 16.01.2012, XNUMX. It says u. a .:

The European law of the sea regulates in the European area Claims for damages against the carrier. Regulation (EC) 392/2009 clarifies how to deal with physical injury (including death) and luggage damage including loss. Claims to services should be shown to the carrier and the tour operator in a timely and verifiable manner. The carrier does not have to be at fault.

It is the opinion of the consumer association that the losses of travelers booked on the Costa Concordia go far beyond physical and luggage damage. Therefore, those affected should also claim compensation from the tour operator for useless vacation time in accordance with § 651 BGB or compensation for pain and suffering.

In the conceivable case that this catastrophe unsettles travelers to embark on a cruise, the consumer advice center explains that the accident does not give rise to any entitlement to free cancellation of similar trips.

It should also be added that a spokesman for Costa Crociere has announced that this issue will be settled shortly. Alternative offers should be presented to those affected.

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