Cruise ship docks in the container port

Who hasn't seen this before? Everything is right! The ship fits. The cabin fully meets our expectations. The food is amazing. The fellow travelers are very annoying. We feel we deserve it all. And then one morning we wake up in a godforsaken container port; B. in Antwerp on

and even before we have opened our eyes and pulled back the curtains on our balcony cabin, we hear noises coming from machines and working people. We did not want to hear these noises during our well-deserved and dearly bought vacation.

Lack of travel? Not at all! The German Society for Travel Law reported in their publication ReiseRecht current on a judgment of the Rostock District Court. In November 47, under Az 270 C 11/2011, a lawsuit dealing with this grievance was rejected.

Regarding the lawsuit: The applicant booked a trip to Asia on one Club ship. During the voyage, docking took place mainly in container ports. The plaintiff found that the use of the balcony cabin would have been impossible because of the noise pollution.

The court dismissed the complaint with the remark that the organizer did not have to inform the passengers in advance about the berth and any noises that might occur.

Such noise has to be accepted, because there can also be noises in passenger ports.

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