Pirate Danger

ARAG experts have collected and presented legal tips for cruises from the judgments available. We quote from this:

Pirate attacks in the Gulf of Aden on cruise ships are conceivable. A couple had booked a three-week cruise from Durban to Genoa. After embarkation, the travelers were informed that there would be route changes due to possible pirate attacks. As a precaution, three planned destinations were not called. As an alternative, an additional five-hour stay in Sharm El Sheik was inserted.

The AG Munich (Ref .: 281 C 31292/09) decided in this case on a travel price reduction of 25 percent. In the opinion of the court, a change of route is only permissible if the reasons for this only occur after the contract has been concluded. If a trip is sold in spite of a pre-existing security risk, the company must enable the start-up or accept that the travelers may exercise their right to reduce the price.

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