Change of route on a cruise - no loss of value

Now and then you experience that one of the destination ports is not called during a cruise. The Rostock District Court had to deal with such a matter.

In the present case, the plaintiffs had booked a Northern Europe cruise. 'One of the destination ports was Reykjavik in Iceland. The ship should lie there overnight. However, due to poor wind conditions, the ship's command decided not to call at the port of Reykjavik.

Therefore, the plaintiffs demanded a travel price reduction of two daily travel prices. They justified their request by saying that from their point of view Iceland and especially Reykjavik would have been a main part of the trip.

The Rostock district court ruled under Az 47 C 381/11 that the character of the voyage had not been lost as a result of not calling at a port. All other ports were reached during the sea voyage. In addition, the plaintiffs claimed benefits on board the ship during the two days. There would be no further entitlement to a reduction in the travel price beyond the sum of 450 euros voluntarily paid by the shipping company.

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