Cleaning of drinking water systems on cruise ships

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The Carela Group is known for cleaning and disinfecting drinking water systems worldwide at the highest level - be it in industrial buildings, residential complexes, hospitals or retirement homes.

The pioneer of the drinking water industry breaks all cleanliness records not only on land, but also on water. The subsidiary korinexan industrial services, division ships & marine, is, among other things, a guarantor of the hygiene safety of the Silver Endeavor, Sea Cloud, Sea Cloud II, the Hapag-Lloyd shipping company and many naval ships.

crystal endeavor

CRYSTAL ENDEAVOR has now been renamed SILVER ENDEAVOR ©Carela Group

Why do drinking water systems have to be cleaned?

Drinking water or fresh water is not sterile. The natural accompanying substances contained in drinking water are deposited in the form of lime, ocher deposits and sintering on the surfaces of drinking water systems. These coverings are very often interspersed with algae, fungi, bacteria and biofilm, among other things. Biofilm is a thin, slimy coating that can appear on almost all solid surfaces above or below water. Such adhesions and incrustations form the breeding ground for germs and can also promote the growth of infectious germs such as Legionella (Legionella pneumophila) or pseudomonads (Pseudomonas aeruginosa) in the drinking water itself. Regular cleaning and disinfection of all drinking water and fresh water tanks, systems and piping systems is therefore essential. In addition, water-bearing systems must be cleaned and disinfected prior to commissioning, after repairs and inspections as well as positive findings for infectious germs.

How are drinking water systems cleaned?

cleaning drinking water system ship

Cleaning the drinking water system on a ship. The pictures are for illustration purposes. They do not represent the ships mentioned here. © Carela Group

With the multi-step irrigation that has been tried and tested for years, korinexan offers a reliable process that is part of the company's standard program. Before each service, the procedure is discussed with the customer and a comprehensive hygiene system check is carried out on board while the ship is in port. The drinking water system is then cleaned and disinfected. Local deposits are first removed from the water supply system and then the germs and their habitats are removed with specially developed hygiene cleaners.

For korinexan it is routine that drinking water systems of ships like the Crystal Endeavor, Sea Cloud or Sea Cloud II as well as NATO naval ships are commissioned for hygiene cleaning. In particular, the order for the Crystal Endeavor had been on the agenda for a long time, but had to be postponed due to the corona pandemic. The joy was all the greater when the time had come in June 2021 and korinexan cleaned and disinfected the entire drinking water system of the mega-yacht with an ice class with an outstanding result of 0 CFU / ml. Korinexan also ensured impeccable drinking water hygiene on the Sea Cloud and Sea Cloud II. For this purpose, a team of four traveled to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to clean the kilometer-long pipeline network of the two luxury cruise sailing ships.

sea ​​cloud 112 las palmas

SEA Cloud in Las Palmas

One of the biggest challenges so far was the disinfection of the entire fresh water system of a ship, which at the time was only recently taken over. Therefore there were only rudimentary plans and documents. In some areas there was complete stagnation of the water. During the first wash cycles, the “fresh water” had a strong visual resemblance to used oil and only returned to its normal, unclouded color after a longer wash time. In addition, a strong cloudiness and discoloration was noticeable in the entire system, which the korinexan specialists were able to remove completely using the tried and tested multi-step rinsing process. The most beautiful sight for the korinexan team were the enthusiastic faces of the ship's crew when crystal clear, edible fresh water gushed out of the taps in the galley and in the washrooms.

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The CARELA Group with the brands CARELA®, korinexan® and reytec® has stood for quality and innovation for more than 50 years. With modern know-how and many years of experience, the group of companies develops, produces and sells effective cleaning agents and disinfectants, which are extremely successful in ensuring perfect drinking water hygiene in national and international hospitals, retirement homes, residential complexes, public and municipal buildings, sports facilities and industrial buildings.
Industrial plants, open cooling systems, heat exchangers or process, service and drinking water systems are professionally cleaned of deposits, desludged and disinfected. At the same time, the energy efficiency is significantly increased, the CO2-Balance effectively optimized.

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