What to look out for when gambling on cruises

For many people, a cruise is a high point in life. Crusaders discover unknown port cities, meet nice people and enjoy the diverse life on board. The game of chance offered in the on-board casino is also popular. The question is: what should be considered when luck beckons on the high seas?

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Games of chance are also legal on the high seas

The most important information first: Gambling is legal on the high seas. There is no problem playing roulette or blackjack on the big sea like in the movies. The casino operators are all reputable providers.

According to the information from the international cruise association, 30 million passengers took cruise ships worldwide last year. There is a wide range of ships on offer. Regardless of whether it is a luxury liner or a club ship, a casino is usually available.

The ship's guests often feel like explorers, gourmets and connoisseurs. They use the sporting offers, the wellness offers and also the gambling. The latter serves to relax and is run and offered by state-licensed casinos.

Germany has strict guidelines for gambling

It took a long time until online casinos could be used legally in Germany. Regulation is strict and government approval is required. Each casino is thoroughly vetted and positive and negative aspects are disclosed.

This rule also applies to the casinos on the cruise ships, even if the regulations are interpreted more liberally there. The reason: the cruise ships do not sail under the German flag, and the flag states take a much more relaxed view of gambling. Gambling on cruise ships is legal whenever the ship is flying the flag of a country where gambling is legal by law. Since gambling on board the ships is indispensable for the shipping companies for financial reasons, care is taken when selecting the flag states that gambling is permitted on board.


The laws of the country apply in the port

While the regulations of the flag state apply on the high seas, things are different when docking in ports. The regulations of the respective country apply there. For example, if the ship docks in an Italian port, the laws of the host country automatically apply to the ship. High seas means that the ship is more than 12 nautical miles from the mainland. Then the international maritime law and again the regulations of the country under whose flag the ship is sailing apply. The different legal situations explain why the on-board casinos remain closed in the destination ports.

Dress code in casinos on cruise ships

When visiting a casino on the mainland, the dress code depends on the type of casino. Same goes for Casinos on cruise ships. With luxury liners, a dress code is the order of the day for the casinos. Evening wear, at least a shirt and jacket for men are required. It looks different on club ships. The dress code is generally relaxed on these ships, and this also applies to the casinos. However, inappropriate clothing, such as jogging pants, is perceived as a misstep. Playing at the machine or at the table should be fun, and a visit to the casino is a special occasion for many people. And special occasions require appropriate clothing.

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Special cruise offers for fans of gambling

There are now special cruises for almost every need. For example, there are trips for poker players. "High rollers", players who risk high stakes, are even invited to appropriate tournaments on board the cruise ships. On these cruises, drinks and food are often included in the offer. The cruise as such is to be paid for.

Some cruise casinos offer loyalty programs such as online casinos or casinos on land. Some cruise lines are related. The corresponding customer loyalty systems apply on different ships and for different shipping companies.

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