Book a Mediterranean cruise: This should be considered when choosing a shipping company

Book a Mediterranean cruise: This should be considered when choosing a shipping company

Who doesn't dream of traveling the Mediterranean on a cruise ship and relaxing by the pool?

Cruise lines offer numerous Mediterranean cruises, the content of which differs significantly from each other. We recommend interested parties to find out about the different offers in advance. An unforgettably beautiful stay on board is always guaranteed. When selecting the "right" provider, the following aspects must be considered.

The offer of Mediterranean cruises

The Mediterranean generally offers visitors a lot of variety. If you want to discover the region in a short time, we recommend a cruise. With this form of travel, vacationers cover large distances in a short time and in a comfortable way. Along the way, they discover numerous travel destinations. Destinations in the Mediterranean include metropolises such as Barcelona, Marseille and Rome, as well as tranquil harbor towns. But that's not all: Beautiful beaches invite you to swim. Boat trips through the Mediterranean combine the terms relaxation, culture, sightseeing and shopping.

Barcelona harbor promenade

Barcelona harbor promenade

Various shipping companies offer cruises in the Mediterranean all year round. In contrast to the fantastically beautiful Caribbean destinations, the hurricane season is negligible on a Mediterranean cruise. That doesn't mean that it isn't noticeably cool in the Mediterranean region during the winter months. No comparison to the weather in German regions!

Book the desired Mediterranean cruise

Cruise ships more reputable Shipping companies sail the Mediterranean. Thanks to the best facilities and a wide range of entertainment, there is never a dull moment on sea days. Cruise shipping companies provide up-to-date and complete information about their offers on their websites. When selecting the shipping company, your own wealth of experience is an essential criterion. Anyone who has had a satisfactory cruise with a provider will check with them first. Ratings and experiences of other travelers are also a decision-making aid. Comments on this can be found on the relevant portals and on social media. Recommendations from acquaintances, friends or family members help to assess the quality of a provider.

villefranche celebrity reflection on roadstead

Villefranche-sur-Mer - Celebrity Reflection on the roadstead

Pay attention to the origin of the shipping company

When booking a Mediterranean cruise, the country of origin of a shipping company plays an important role, not least because of the language on board. Travelers with insufficient language skills have communication problems on board foreign ships. In such cases, German shipping companies such as AIDA and TUI Cruises would be preferable to international competitors for Mediterranean cruises. Other differences between national and international providers: The additional costs on international cruise ships are considerably higher than those on German ships. Examples of this are drink prices and tips.

Type of Mediterranean cruise

Some shipping companies rely on classic ambience and traditional etiquette. In such cases, solid clothing or evening wear is a must. Other providers rely on nonchalance and entertainment. Their ships "shine" with jubilation and hustle and bustle. Some shipping companies choose the golden mean between the two options. Prior information about the etiquette on board protects against unpleasant experiences.

Safe arrival and departure to the cruise ship

Longer journeys to Mediterranean cruises are usually made by plane. Some cruise lines offer package deals for flights and cruises. Travelers are basically free to choose their arrival and departure. Supplementary flight offers from shipping companies often cost more than individually booked flights. However, the apparent disadvantage turns into an advantage when cruise lines wait for the latecomers when flights are delayed.

On a Mediterranean cruise, the departure ports can be reached comfortably and in a short flight time by plane. Alternative options for arrival and departure are buses, trains or your own car. People with a fear of flying use these alternative forms of arrival and departure.

Note routes and high and low season

In the Mediterranean region, the weather is mostly good from spring to autumn, with lots of sun and warmth. Even in winter, the regions around Greece, Malta and Sicily as well as the south of the Iberian Peninsula surprise their visitors with pleasant temperatures during the day. At this time of year, the off-season, there are attractive travel prices. In addition, the cruise ships are not overcrowded. In summer, the high season, prices rise significantly and passenger numbers increase sharply.

Malta Upper Barrakka Gardens saluting battery

Malta Upper Barrakka Gardens and Saluting Battery

The itineraries vary, as does the duration of the cruises. In general, a distinction is made between trips in the eastern, western and central Mediterranean. The decisive factor for a trip is the duration of the cruise. Short trips of two days or more are on offer. If you want to see and experience a lot, you can go on trips lasting several weeks. Personal preferences and interests alone are decisive when deciding on the “right” cruise.


If you book a Mediterranean cruise, you are well advised to find out about the offers and the country of origin when choosing the operator. The duration of the trip, the route and an uncomplicated arrival and departure to the ship are also decisive. If you take all of this into account, you avoid unpleasant surprises.

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