Cruise ships - no time for boredom

We love cruises. Boat trips take us to unusual places. When we go ashore and on board the ships, we feel free, we leave everyday life behind us. Unfortunately, this break from everyday life usually only lasts seven or fourteen days. The much longer world trips are out of the question for us.

So that there is no boredom during the trip, the cruise companies offer their passengers an abundance of leisure activities and entertainment options. And if that's not enough, you can arrange your entertainment on board the ships on your own.

my ship 2 dining rooms

Mein Schiff 2 - dining room

Why not even enjoy the cabin - a few suggestions

Sufficient space, a good view and a comfortable bed, that's all you need to enjoy a day in the cabin. With breakfast in bed or with a long bath, a pleasant feeling quickly sets in. Modern TVs in the cabins allow us access to current TV programs at any time. Alternatively, we use the laptop to watch films or series via a streaming service provider.


Cruise ships offer us reliable and resilient Internet access via WLAN at all locations around the world. The ship's Internet access also offers the opportunity to take part in computer games. And if that doesn't please you, how about reading a book or trying out a new board game for a change?

vasco da gama the study

Vasco da Gama - The study

The varied sports and wellness programs on the cruise ships

Of course, the public areas of the ships offer plenty of opportunities to keep yourself busy and enjoy your free time. Many cruise ships have extensive wellness areas where passengers can relax with massages, saunas and steam baths. Pool facilities with great slides ensure bathing fun and invite you to sporty activities. Outside the aqua zones, recreational athletes can look forward to a wide range of offers. If you want to do sport, you can use the on-board fitness studio. Professional trainers teach Zumba, Nordic walking or yoga. Shuffleboard is one of the sports that have been on board for decades; larger cruise ships have soccer or volleyball fields. A good occasion to put your own sporting skills to the test and make new contacts on the side.


aidanova sundeck

AIDAnova Sundeck

aidanova sports

AIDAnova treadmills

Entertainment is very important on cruise ships

After an extended wellness program or a thorough sports training session, the ships offer a variety of relaxation options. Whether it's a cocktail at the bar, a dignified dinner in one of the restaurants, a show or musical entertainment - quality pastimes are guaranteed. Guests who need rest will find enough quiet places on board the ships, such as libraries, prayer rooms or cigar lounges. Every taste is catered for. So that we don't forget: During long ship passages, the shipping companies organize lectures on topics of general interest in addition to bingo and other entertainment.

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