Cruises along the Norwegian coast

Cruises are an ideal form of travel for people who want to experience and see a lot in a short time. Cruise providers meet this need on various routes along the Norwegian coast.

norway 105 mountains

The city of Bergen from above

Norway - appreciated by nature lovers and globetrotters

Norway offers its visitors so much: breathtaking mountain landscapes, beautiful green valleys, deep fjords and inviting cities. Norway appeals to nature lovers and globetrotters alike. Those who need a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life are on the right course with a cruise along Norway's coasts. Travel portals such as VisitNorway describe the natural wonders of the country, the stops on one of the longest coasts in the world and the unique fjords.


No boredom on board - activities to pass the time

If there is nothing to discover for a while, fitness studios, on-board shops, restaurants and well-tended bars take care of that long-term wellbeing. Shows and high-quality entertainment are just as much a part of life on board as the classic on-board casino. At sea, casinos provide welcome entertainment to many passengers. They meet travelers' need for excitement and variety. When choosing games, the cruise companies follow the example on land. And this mix is ​​well received by the guests. They enjoy the casino game alongside the midnight sun and northern lights.

Routes along the Norwegian coast

Cruises in Norway often start in Bergen. The international providers skilfully vary the duration of the trip and the stopovers. Favorites also include trips on the mail ships from the Norwegian provider Hurtigruten.

The optimal travel time

norway 101 andalsnes

Cruise ship in Andalsnes

There is no such thing as an optimal length of stay. The trips depend on the inclinations and personal wishes of the passengers. Cruise operators respond to this with trips lasting between three days and three weeks.

The best time to cruise Norway

Personal plans and goals determine the duration and route of a cruise. The summer months are the best time for a boat trip to Norway. In the period between May and September, the average temperatures are well above those of the rest of the year. Travelers who value good weather are advised to travel the country by cruise ship in the summer. Guests who prefer the unique spectacle of the northern lights start their trip in the winter months. Special trips are offered for viewing the northern lights.

Particularly worthwhile Norwegian travel destinations

It's not just the landscapes that make Norway a sought-after travel destination. Among the favorites among Norwegian cities are Bergen with the old Hanseatic town of Bryggen, the local mountain Fløyen and the Berghus fortress. Trondheim attracts with the Nidaros Cathedral and the Kristiansten fortress. In the port city Tromsø, with the world's northernmost university, the Arctic Cathedral, the Storgata pedestrian zone and the Polaria adventure center are particularly attractive. Not to forget Norway's capital Oslo: The enchanting city center and the Residenz, the Ski Arena Holmenkollen, the Vigeland Sculpture Park or Oslo's new Opera House & Ballet are wonderful destinations.

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