Cruising with the family

Holidays are undoubtedly the best time for a family. Where is it going is an exciting question every year.

Holidays are undoubtedly the best time for a family. Where is it going is an exciting question every year. Small children often have no idea what to expect at the holiday destination. You can't do much with terms like "Mallorca", "Sylt" and "Antalya" because they don't mean much to you. It looks completely different when the question arises as to whether the next trip will be taken on a family-friendly cruise ship. That sounds like pure adventure.

aida cruises aida prima rotterdam

AIDAprima in Rotterdam


Adventure in sight

A trip on a cruise ship evokes different associations in children's imaginations than in adults. For children, cruising sounds like adventures, like a storm on the sea and like pirates on a sailing ship who – there is no doubt – have hidden treasure somewhere. But surely the buccaneers aren't mad at them? This anxious question will be answered at the latest when the little ones get to know the friendly crew on the ship. These are not sinister pirates but nice people who are well disposed towards the children on board. Especially on family ships there are excellent children's areas, swimming pools, children's cinemas and nice supervisors. Children's clubs take care of children with games and fun activities.

my ship 6 children's club island of piratesMein Schiff 6 - Children's Club - Island of Pirates

Everything for the first-aid kit

Children's entertainment is inevitably taken care of. Now it is important that the parents and their offspring stay healthy during the journey and do not suffer from seasickness. A carefully stocked first-aid kit, which contains everything that big and small seafarers need to stay healthy, protects them from such unpleasant experiences. To ensure that nothing is forgotten, a look at the online platform “” helps. There, experienced mothers have compiled what goes into a First aid kit for children heard and what to pay special attention to in certain travel areas.
It is advisable to ensure early on that everything on this list is available when needed. The easiest way to do this is to order everything you need from a mail-order pharmacy. Simply order online and all medicines, sunscreen and whatever else belongs in the first-aid kit will be delivered to your home in a short time.

Pack your bags properly

With the completely stocked first-aid kit, an important part of the luggage is complete. Now comes the rest: clothes and shoes for all occasions, and everything else that is needed. To ensure that all family members are prepared for all eventualities, it is preferable to follow the recommendations of the experts Packing for the cruise.

Prepared for all eventualities

If children are traveling with you, the contents of the luggage are expanded by a few items that are helpful in a wide variety of situations on the go. The creators of the online platform "Kids away" have a few for such eventualities clever ideas for holiday luggage developed. They are of great use when things don't go according to plan. Well then, have a good trip!

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