Mallorca - is the cruise ship restriction coming?

Mallorca - is the cruise ship restriction coming?

October 31.10.2021, XNUMX - Mallorca Magazin, Palma's German-language weekly newspaper, reports on a conflict that has been simmering for a long time. Accordingly, the state government of the Balearic Islands has asked the Spanish central government to set a maximum limit for cruise ships. Cruise ships calling at Mallorca and the neighboring islands would be affected. The regional government argues internally about the maximum limit.

The Environment Commission of the Balearic Islands complains about the high level of contamination caused by the ships in the sea areas. Another topic is the pollution with sulfur dioxide, which in Palma is one of the highest of all Spanish ports. A possible environmental disaster as a result of a possible ship damage is also being considered. Furthermore, the traffic between Formentera and Ibiza be restricted. The waters around the Balearic Islands should be declared a special marine protection zone and tougher action should be taken against illegally anchored pleasure boats.

Mallorca - Palma - Estacion Maritima

Majorca - Palma - Estacion Maritima

This is not the first time the government of the Balearic Islands, made up of socialists and Greens, has made these demands. The project is supported by environmental groups and citizens' initiatives. Mallorca's business and retail associations are opposed to this request. The organizations point to the economic importance of cruise tourism.

It is unclear what the maximum number of daily calls should look like. The socialists advocate a maximum of four ships. According to the left idea, the number of passengers would be a maximum of 10.000. The alliance of the left-green Més regional party expresses more rigorous ideas. The Més parties intend to limit the number of cruise ships to a maximum of two and, in the worst case, the number of passengers to 6.000. Further demands on the cruise companies are:
 - The reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.
 - The recycling of waste generated during the trip.
 - The installation of sustainable water cycles on board the cruise ships.

Mallorca - Palma - Estacion Maritima No. 2

It is well known that nothing in politics is eaten as hot as it is cooked. For the time being, an agreement between the governing parties is required. The decision rests with the Spanish Ministry of Transport, to which Mallorca's port administration is subordinate. If an agreement could be reached on the limitation of ship calls, it would come into force in the summer of 2022.

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