MEYER WERFT invests in climate-friendly shipping

MEYER WERFT invests in climate-friendly shipping

September 9, 2022 – Freudenberg e-Power Systems, a strategic partner of MEYER WERFT, has received the world's first certification for seagoing vessels for a fuel cell system operated with methanol. MEYER WERFT sees good chances of using the system on seagoing vessels from now on. It represents an important development step towards new maritime energy systems and climate-friendly shipping.

For more than 15 years, the MEYER Group has been researching the use of fuel cells at sea and the integration of propulsion systems on ships. In Freudenberg e-Power Systems, the shipyard found a strategic partner who can keep up with the high pace of development with its own capacities. MEYER WERFT is currently building the Silver Nova for Silversea Cruises. Upon completion, the 54.700 GT luxury ship will have the world's largest fuel cell system on a cruise ship. The ship, which runs on liquefied natural gas (LNG) at sea, is supplied with energy in port by this fuel cell system and batteries without the help of combustion engines. Another forward-looking project is the retrofitting of the AIDAnova with this new system.

MEYER WERFT – Helix Fuel Cell Cruise Concept

Brave new cruise world – Rendering – © MEYER WERFT – Helix Fuel Cell Cruise Concept

A total of 1.300 engineers from the shipyard's Global Design Team are working on the climate-friendly ship prototypes of tomorrow. The high efficiency speaks for fuel cells. At the same time, the MEYER Group is working on using new fuels. Renewable fuels such as hydrogen, methanol and biogas are being considered. The use of climate-neutral methanol represents a turning point on the way to maritime sustainability and to achieving the IMO emission reduction targets. It is characterized by climate neutrality and good availability. Fuel cell stacks, methanol reformer, control electronics and all supply components are housed in a prefabricated, modular unit that is easy to install on board.



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