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The coastal areas of the New England states and Canada are very attractive. This also applies to the Canadian maritime province of Prince Edward Island. Spread over 5.660 square kilometers, visitors will see rolling hills covered in farmland, breathtaking coastal landscapes, small towns and busy ports. In this region, located on the southern edge of the Saint Lawrence River, guests feel that they are in good hands.

Prince Edward Island - fertile farmlandPrince Edward Island - fertile farmland

Guests arriving by cruise ship will have enough time during a one-day stay to take in the scenery on a scenic drive across the island. Afterwards there is enough time to explore the island's capital, Charlottetown, on foot.

Get to know Prince Edward Island

Panorama drives to get to know the island are offered by the cruise lines and independent tour operators. The US premium cruise line Celebrity Cruises offers its guests two overland tours called "Anne of Green Gables and Island Drive" and "Lighthouses of PEI". The buses hired by the shipping company drive the participants to the most popular sights of the island. Norwegian Cruise Line currently charges its guests for this excursion from 89,95 euros. An independent, local operator calls their tour "Island Drive & Anne of Green Gables" and offers something similar for less at around 100 Canadian dollars (68 euros). And then there are the taxi companies, who come up with individual tours and a comparable route. In 1, the official charge for 6 to 2014 passengers was 60 Canadian dollars per hour of travel. Four hours are estimated for a comprehensive tour. The current tariffs of the taxis are not known.

No matter which provider you choose, the following main attractions are regularly visited:

Borden Carleton

The Confederation Bridge, completed in 1997, spans the narrowest point of the Northumberland Strait in an elegant arc from the former Borden-Carleton ferry port. The two-lane road bridge is exactly 12.880 meters long. It is the longest bridge in Canada and also one of the longest bridges in the world. It is regarded worldwide as an outstanding engineering structure that also has to withstand heavy ice conditions.

Borden-Carleton - Confederation Bridge

Borden-Carleton - train station and lighthouse 

The old, well-preserved ferry house contrasts with the towering bridge. There is a shop nearby that sells all kinds of memorabilia from this place. The distance between Charlottetown and Borden-Carleton is 55 kilometers.


The small town of Cavendish is not easy to find. It is near the intersection of Route 13 and Route 6. About 250 feet past the intersection is LM Montgomery's Cavendish National Historic Site. What the stories of “Pippi Longstocking” are to the German-speaking world, the world of “Anne of Green Gables” is to the English-speaking world. This is the title of the children's book published in 1908 about the red-haired orphan "Anne of the green gables". Author Lucy Maud Montgomery was inspired by an old farm on the island. Today, buses and taxis stop at the Green Gables House Visitor Center and the author's small former home. The place is about 40 kilometers from Charlottetown.

Cavendish - Green Gables Visitor Center

Green Gables - Lucy Maud Montgomery Birthplace 

PEI National Park

In the north of the island, several elongated, narrow headlands run parallel to the island. This region is directly exposed to the tides and is therefore particularly worth protecting. The distance between Charlottetown and PEI National Park is around 26 miles. If you want to hike in this area, you have to rely on a rental car or a taxi.

North Rustico Harbor - opposite PEI National Park

Victoria By The Sea

Located 35 kilometers west of Charlottetown, small Victoria-By-the-Sea delights day visitors with its beautiful location, historic harbor and hilltop lighthouse. Other attributes include souvenir shops and an artists' colony.

Victoria Harbour

 Victoria By The Sea 

The standard round trip by bus or taxi to the main attractions of the island, which lasts about four hours, ends - as you would expect - at the starting point in Charlottetown. On the way back to the port, the vehicles pass through the outskirts of the city. Here you will find the usual shopping centers and also the campus of the University of Prince Edward Island.

Charlottetown - Rodd Charlottetown Hotel

Charlottetown-Water Street 

Walking tour of Charlottetown

Founded in 1765, the city's well-kept and pleasantly historic downtown is a tour of the harbor at the Historic Charlottetown Waterfront. The city's advertising managers came up with the slogan "A city made for walking". Places of interest within the city are:

Beaconfield Historic House

The magnificent building, with an unobstructed view over the natural harbor, is an outstanding example of Victorian architecture both inside and out. The house is open to visitors all year round for a fee.

Beaconfield Historic House

City Hall

The three-story town hall, built in 1888 in the Romanesque Revival Style, has been a National Historic Site of Canada since 1984. The building represents the growth and prosperity of the city of Charlottetown in the late 19th century. Following the ideas of the time, the building also housed the police station and the fire brigade's headquarters. A splendidly restored, historic fire engine decorates the front of the town hall today.

Historic fire engine in front of City Hall

Confederation Center of the Arts

The art center is a place that promotes creativity, dialogue and cooperation between the arts in an institution. The Canadian federal authorities and all provinces of Canada contributed a total of 5,6 million Canadian dollars in budget funds for the construction of the impressive structure. The one-block building stands on the city's original market square. Several theater halls, an art gallery, a restaurant and a shop fill the building. The vision behind the arts center is: Provide the best in Canadian visual and performing arts!

Founders' Hall (Visitor Information Center)

The facility is located in the historic Charlottetown Waterfront District. Founders' Hall uses modern media techniques to commemorate the important role Charlottetown once played in Canadian history. Provincial leaders met in the city in 1864 to decide on the establishment of the Canadian Confederation.

 Founders' Hall

Province House National Historic Site of Canada

The three-storey building is the seat of Parliament for the province of Prince Edward Island. The provincial Legislative Assembly has met in the sandstone building since 1847. In 1864 it served as the venue for the Charlottetown Conference. Province House has had National Heritage status since 1983.

Province House - PEI Legislative Assembly

St. Dunstan's Basilica

The church is the fourth house of God in the same place. It is the Roman Catholic cathedral of the Diocese of Charlottetown. After a fire in 1913, a stone church in the style of French church buildings was built on the foundations of the previous episcopal church. The basilica is the only cathedral in the province. It is also one of the tallest buildings in the city.

St Dunstan's Basilica - vaulted ceiling

St Dunstan's Basilica - vaulted ceiling

St. Dunstan's Basilica - Rose Window 

St. Peter's Cathedral

Construction of this church began in 1869. Since 1879 it has been the second cathedral in the Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island after Halifax Cathedral. On its west side is All Soul's Chapel, also a Historic Site of Canada.

St. Peter's Cathedral

Victoria Park

Since 1789, the governor of the British Crown had 40 hectares of land west of Charlottetown. In 1873 these 40 hectares were given to the city. The donation was linked to the instruction to prepare the property as a park with public paths and play areas. Circus events and other amusements were prohibited. After the British troops withdrew in 1905, the park was expanded to include the six-hectare Prince Edward Battery site.

 Victoria Park

Lt. Governor's Residence

Adjacent to the park is the beautifully situated Lt Governor's Residence, the official residence of the Crown Trustee. Members of the British royal family who stop by the island will find befitting accommodation during their stay.

 Lt. Governor's Residence


If you feel like shopping, you will find suitable and interesting shops at the following addresses:

Peake's Wharf Merchants Store Zone

AThe “Fathers of Confederation” landed at the location of a spacious shop and restaurant center.

 Peake's Wharf Merchants Store Zone

Victoria Row

More shops are vying for visitors on Victoria Row. The short pedestrian street is between Queen Street and Great George Street.

 Victoria Row

Prince Edward Island Seaport 

Charlottetown Cruise Terminal

The last chance to shop for a souvenir on PEI is in Charlottetown's sprawling Cruise Terminal.

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