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Karl Beyer

(Editor-in-Chief Cruiseturtle)

For many years I have been working as a editor in chief for Cruiseturtle as well as for other media from the travel sector. For the past few years I've been on over 67 cruise ships to more than 220 cruise destinations traveled worldwide. The experience gained is reflected in my articles.


Cruiseturtle is an online magazine by cruisers for cruisers. We continuously report on everything that seems important and interesting to us in connection with cruises.

For Kreuzfahrt Praxis, I report objectively and differentiated on the subject of cruises from an inside perspective. The focus of my reporting is on cruise ships from German and international providers and the personal experience of global destinations. I almost always report on these from the perspective of the individual traveler. For reasons of authenticity, I only book excursions organized and offered by the shipping companies in exceptional cases. The range of topics also includes news from the industry and useful tips.

That's what attracts me to cruises

What I particularly appreciate about cruises is that my mobile hotel takes me and my companion on interesting routes to many dream destinations around the world. There is no packing and unpacking, which is typical for round trips on land, and on board the ship's crew takes care of me in a courteous and friendly manner. I enjoy the mostly excellent cuisine and the wide range of entertainment.

Cruise Industry Challenges

The pollutant emissions caused by cruise ships in general and ocean ships in particular, as well as the temporary excessive demands on cruise ports as a side effect of the globally lamented overtourism, are undisputed. I therefore welcome the fact that, for example, through the use of liquefied natural gas LNG, scrubber systems and energy-saving techniques, workable solutions are being sought for environmentally friendly ship operations. I also welcome the fact that there are discussions about how many cruise ships a port can actually handle.

Future cruise industry

The cruise market is changing. On the one hand, ever larger ships are being built; on the other hand, small expedition ships are coming onto the market in quick succession. It remains exciting; There is still a lot to explore in the area of ​​cruises. I invite you to continue to accompany me in my observations and discoveries.