Celebrity Cruises - company portrait

Celebrity Cruises - company portrait

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Celebrity Cruises Inc. is a trademark of Royal Caribbean Group. The world's second largest cruise company acquired Celebrity Cruises in 1997 from the Greek shipping company Chandris. Celebrity Cruises currently operates 12 cruise ships and four expedition ships. All Celebrity Cruises ships share two distinctive features: a white "X" on the funnel and a blue "X" on the hull. The distinctive "X" stands for the letter in the Greek alphabet "About".

Celebrity Eclipse - the chimney with the company logo

Celebrity Eclipse - the chimney with the company logo

The origin of the Celebrity Cruises

“Chi” refers to the origin of the company, the Greek shipping company Chandris (Hellas) Inc. It was founded in 1911 as a freight shipping company. In 1959, Chandris began carrying passengers. Chandris added cruises to the program in 1970, and in 1988 Chandris installed the Celebrity Cruises division. In 1997, the Celebrity brand and ships passed to the legal predecessor of today's Royal Caribbean Group for a stake.

Celebrity Cruises - the premium brand

"Immerse yourself in a world full of magical moments. A cruise like no other. Inspiring destinations, excellent cuisine, outstanding service and luxurious cabins”. Celebrity Cruises describes the claim and the services of the company in a similarly full-bodied way. The modern design and equipment of the cruise ships are remarkable. Wine connoisseurs praise one of the largest wine collections on the high seas. Last but not least, the passenger-to-crew ratio deserves recognition. The shipping company puts it at 1 to 2; one crew member looks after two guests purely mathematically. Celebrity Cruises ships operate worldwide.

The five ship classes of the Celebrity Cruises

The ships from Celebrity Cruises are divided into five classes in the order in which they are launched:

Millennium class

The four Millennium Class ships were commissioned in 2000-2002. They were built by the Chantiers de l'Atlantique shipyard, which now operates under the name of STX France SA. The ships, measured at almost 90.300 GT, are designed for 1.950 people with double occupancy.

Celebrity Summit in Portland / Maine

Celebrity Summit in Portland / Maine

ScMillennium class handles:
Celebrity Millennium           
Celebrity Infinity                    
Celebrity Summit
Celebrity Constellation

Almost ten years after their commissioning, the ships went through an extensive renovation and conversion program. Elements of the larger and newer Solstice class have been adopted. The cabin equipment was also improved.

Solstice class

Between October 2008 and October 2012 MEYER WERFT delivered five Solstice-class ships in Papenburg. They exceed the units of the Millennium class by more than 20 meters in length, and the passenger capacities are well above those of the Millennium class. The ships of the Solstice class, named after astronomical terms, have tonnages between 122.000 and 126.000 GT. The number of passengers varies between 2.850 and 3.030.

Celebrity Eclipse in the port of Ushuaia

Celebrity Eclipse in the port of Ushuaia

The main feature of the ships is the 2.000 square meter lawn on the top deck. It is noteworthy that the lawn is not intended for decoration; it is part of the on-board activities.

Boules tournament at the Lawn Club

Boules tournament at the Lawn Club

Solstice class ships:
Celebrity Solstice
Celebrity Equinox
Celebrity Eclipse
Celebrity Silhouette
Celebrity Reflection              

Optimizations of the Millennium and Solstice class ships

The shipping company has launched a $500 million renovation program to upgrade the Millennium and Solstice class ships. Over the next few years, each ship will receive standards that are characteristics of the Edge class. 

The Edge class

The all-new Edge class is the pinnacle of what Celebrity Cruises can currently offer. In terms of design and equipment, borrowings were taken from the ships of the Millennium and Solstice class. The result are ships of a new generation of ships. A total of four ships of this ship class were ordered from STX France SA in Saint-Nazaire.

Celebrity Apex with the Magic Carpet

Celebrity Apex with the Magic Carpet

The 306 meter long and 129.500 GT ships carry 2.918 passengers with double occupancy. Innovations and highlights of the Edge class are the "Magic Carpet", a mobile platform that hovers outside the ship's side on the starboard side, and the "Parabolic Ultrabow". This special hull shape ensures that the Edge class behaves better in rough seas and also saves fuel. Other attractions are the Eden Lounge, the Rooftop Garden or the glamorous three-story Grand Plaza. It represents the ultimate meeting place on all ships of the Edge class. In autumn 2018, the first ship of this class was introduced into the fleet with the Celebrity Edge. The Edge was followed by the Apex. A third ship, Celebrity Beyond, began service in spring 2022.

Edge class ships:
Celebrity edge
Celebrity Apex

Xpedition class

The ships, which are tiny compared to the aforementioned ship classes, are used for ship tours within the Galapagos Islands. The ships are between 320 and 2.842 GT and can accommodate 16 to 90 passengers on board the ships.

Xpedition class ships:
Celebrity Xpedition
Celebrity Xploration
Celebrity Xperience 

Flora class

Since June 2019, a new ship has been in use for trips in the area of ​​the Galapagos Islands with the Celebrity Flora. The ship, called “Mega Yacht” by Celebrity Cruises, is 101 meters long and takes 100 passengers exclusively in suites. It is equipped with a Dynamic Positioning System; To protect the sea floor, the ship uses satellite technology to hold its position without dropping anchor. Solar panels generate energy and help reduce emissions.

Celebrity Flora

Celebrity Flora © Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises - conclusion

Celebrity Cruises ships are true premium ships. There is nothing to complain about in terms of design, equipment and service. The ships are not necessarily suitable for guests who like to be pampered on ships of German origin and are sworn to them. However, the brand is warmly recommended to passengers who value luxury and encounters with fellow travelers from many nations. 

Update October 2022

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