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Norwegian Cruise Line Corporation Ltd. (NCL) is the largest of three Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd companies. The international cruise company based in Miami/Fl. has been awarded several times in national markets.


In 1966, Norwegian Knut Kloster founded Norwegian Caribbean Lines AS (NCL). The company started as a branch of Klosters Rederi A/S, Oslo. The time was ripe to implement new, pioneering business ideas on the cruise market. Knut Kloster wanted to create a classless cruise company. It was an unusual idea at the time. The idea of ​​continuously offering cruises from Miami to the Caribbean region was also brilliant.

The company prospered; within five years it commissioned three ships. In 1977, entrepreneurial foresight gave rise to the idea of ​​buying Great Stirrup Cay, the Bahama island 122 nautical miles from Fort Lauderdale. Since then it has served the guests of the shipping company as a private resort. Later, Harvest Caye in Southern Belize was acquired as a second private island resort.

In 1984 the shipping company acquired the Royal Viking Line AS. The purchase increased the fleet to six ships. In 1987 the company changed its name to Norwegian Cruise Line AS. From 1992, with the commissioning of another ship, investments in our own logistics in the port of Fort Lauderdale performed.

In 1995 the company changed its name again to Norwegian Cruise Line Corporation Ltd. Four years later shares in the umbrella company Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. introduced to stock exchange trading.

Freestyle Cruising by NCL

In the year 2000, “Freestyle Cruising” brought a new lightness on board the NCL ships. A relaxed atmosphere, no dress codes and fixed meal times were the driving forces. In addition, guests were given the opportunity to choose from various restaurants on board the ships, some of which were subject to a surcharge.

Great Outdoors Cafe on Norwegian Sun

Great Outdoors Cafe on Norwegian Sun

Farewell show on the Norwegian Sun

Farewell show on the Norwegian Sun 

Ship classes and ship names

NCL currently operates 18 brightly painted cruise ships, 17 of which fly the Bahamas flag. Only the Pride of America, used for cruises between the Hawaiian Islands, sails under the flag of the United States. The enumeration starts with the most recent ship classes and ship names.

Prima class

A brand new ship was introduced to the fleet in September 2022, Norwegian Prima. With a gross tonnage of more than 143.000, the new building can accommodate almost 3.100 passengers with double occupancy. A second ship is in preparation.

Norwegian Prima - Southampton

Norwegian Prima - Southampton

Breakaway Plus class

The four ships of this class were built between 2015 and 2019. They are measured at almost 170.000 GT and, depending on the ship, offer space for 3.800 to more than 4.200 guests with double occupancy. This class of ships includes the

  • Norwegian Encore
  • Norwegian Bliss
  • Norwegian Joy
  • Norwegian Escape.

Norwegian Joy off Central America

Norwegian Joy off Central America

Breakaway class

The two Breakaway-class ships are 326 meters long. Their bed capacity is estimated at almost 4.000 guests. The survey: 145.655 GT. This class includes the

Jewel class

The group of four Jewel Class ships fall into what is known as the Panamax category. There are ships that, if necessary, Panama Canal allowed to happen. The ships are over 290 meters long. The number of passengers reaches 2.400 with double occupancy.

  • Norwegian Jewel
  • and Norwegian Jade
  • Norwegian Pearl
  • Norwegian Gem
Norwegian Jade off Bonaire

Norwegian Jade off Bonaire

Norwegian Pearl in Juneau

Norwegian Pearl in Juneau 

Dawn class

The two Dawn class ships technically preceded the Jewel class. The length is 294 meters; the measurement corresponds to approximately 92.000 GT.

  • Norwegian Star
  • Norwegian Dawn.

Sun class

The two cruise ships in the Sun class are significantly smaller than the ships in the aforementioned ship classes. The ships are 258 meters long. The ships are measured with 77.100 and 78.300 GT.

Norwegian Sun in Ketchikan, Alaska

Norwegian Sun in Ketchikan/Alaska

No class includes the Norwegian Spirit (built in 1998), the Norwegian Epic (built in 2010) and the Pride of America. The Pride of America occupies a special position in the fleet. She is stationed in Honolulu, Hawaii, and cruises under the American flag in the sea area off Hawaii all year round. With the Norwegian Epic, the shipping company ventured a first step into the large ship market.

Norwegian Spirit off Belize

Norwegian Spirit off Belize

Norwegian Epic before Cannes

Norwegian Epic before Cannes 

Norwegian compared to competitors

The Norwegian ships get good ratings in rating portals. Anyone who has previously sailed on larger, higher-positioned ships from TUI Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, Holland America or Princess Cruises will also feel comfortable on Norwegian ships. "Cruise like a Norwegian" is another motto of the shipping company. You don't have to be Norwegian to enjoy the atmosphere and the trappings of the ships.

The "Premium All Inclusive Concept" originally included for the German-speaking market was abandoned after three years. In its place came the price models “Free at Sea” and “Frea at Sea plus”. Passengers are given the opportunity to book two inclusive packages for a reasonable additional charge. Chargeable packages include a selection of branded drinks, meals in specialty restaurants, excursions and internet access.

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