Passat Kreuzfahrten GmbH - company profile

Passat cruises The cruise operator, which was founded in December 2011 and is based in Hamburg, has been operating the well-established and proven cruise ship since spring 2012 MS Delphin. A branch is maintained in Offenbach. The tour operator business, sales and marketing are organized from there. Passat Kreuzfahrten chartered the ship from the new owner, Vishal Cruises Pvt. Ltd., Mauritius.

The MS Delphin is a traditional ship that many German guests still remember from the era of the bankrupt Hansa Touristik.

After a long stay in the shipyard in Rijeka, during which the ship was subjected to an in-depth fresh cell course, the MS Delphin set off again at the beginning of April 2012. The ship and the shipping company represent the classic German cruise tradition. Manageable ships, extraordinary routes and numerous destinations between the Mediterranean, Western Europe, the Baltic Sea, Northern Europe, the Atlantic and the Caribbean. Personal service and German as the language on board ensure that regular guests feel comfortable.

(Karl Beyer) May 2012