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It certainly doesn't hurt to have a company headquarters in Monaco. This is probably what Stockholm-born Michael Krafft thought. The studied lawyer specializing in maritime law, founded the shipping company Star Clipper Cruises in 1989.

Cruising under sail

The stock corporation, established under Monegasque law, operates three large sailing cruise ships. The company employs around 500 people. The four head of the company are made up of family members.

Royal Clipper - In Bridgetown Harbor / Barbados

Royal Clipper - In Bridgetown Harbor / Barbados

Star Clipper Cruises offers authentic sailing experiences on unique ships. The design of the ships was borrowed from the cargo sailing ships (clippers) of the 19th century. The sailing areas for tall ships are the Caribbean and South America, the Mediterranean and the Asian islands. In addition, there are Atlantic crossings as part of positioning cruises.

Cruising away from the bulk cruise business

Royal Clipper - In Bridgetown Harbor / Barbados

Star Clipper sees itself as an alternative to the bulk cruise business. Although many recreational sailors book cruises on the Clipper ships, sailing knowledge is not required. The nautical craft is carried out by a well-rehearsed crew. Alternatively, the passengers watch the officers navigate on the bridge. With appropriate protection, passengers are allowed to climb around in the shrouds or relax in the net at the ship's bow.

Strict dress codes are frowned upon on the ships. The restaurant offers fine cuisine in the evenings at variable times with free seating. Breakfast and lunch are prepared at the buffet.

Star Clipper Cruises stateroom Star Clipper Cruises stateroom Star Clipper Cruises - Library


Photos © Star Clipper Cruises

Guests meet in the Tropical Bar and Piano Bar. The Tropical Bar has indoor and outdoor seating. There is also an Edwardian-style ship library. The walls of the ships are decorated with prints and paintings with maritime motifs. And decorative brass applications abound.

On-board entertainment: pompous show programs as usual on large ships are completely absent. Instead, guest artists from the target areas regularly appear on board.

Star Clipper Cruises stands for unique sailing experiences

There's no doubt about it, Star Clipper sailing cruises are not standard trips. Rather, according to the shipping company "Unique Sailing Adventures", unique sailing experiences are offered. The ship's guests appreciate that: The Star Clipper ships generally get top ratings in the relevant cruise portals.

Royal Clipper off Antigua

Royal Clipper off Antigua

The "unique sailing experiences" convey two identical four-masters and a significantly larger five-masted sailplane.

The four masters: Star Flyer and Star Clipper

Both ships are each 115 meters long. The sail area is 3.365 square meters. The Star Flyer entered service in 1991. The Star Clipper followed in 1992.

Star clipper at sea

Star Clipper at sea - Photo © Star Clipper Cruises

Each of the ships can accommodate 170 passengers, and 75 crew members take care of the guests. Both ships are rigged as barquentines. This is how sailors describe the mixed forms of barges and schooners.

Windjammers meeting in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Star clipper in the port of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Star clipper in the port of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


The five-master Royal Clipper

This ship has been in effect since 2001 Guiness Book of Records as the largest sailing ship in the world. It entered service in 2000. Its construction was inspired by Full ship Prussia the traditional Hamburg shipping company F. Laeisz. The Prussia was the flagship of the German "Flying P-Liner". The 134 meter long Royal Clipper has 42 sails and 5.202 square meters of sail area. The top of the 60 meter high main mast can be folded down so that it can safely pass under bridges and high-voltage lines. Two 2.500 PS twin engines push in the calm. If the heel is less than six percent, it is sailed. Depending on the wind conditions, the Royal Clipper reaches speeds of between eight and 20 knots when sailing. When the engine is running, the ship can manage 13,5 knots.

Royal Clipper - the name Royal Clipper in Bridgetown Harbor / Barbados Royal Clipper - Marina


Photo Royal Clipper Marina © Star Clipper Cruises

The Royal Clipper offers a maximum of 227 passengers a lot of luxury. Polished, dark wood and brass accessories dominate the 114 cabins and suites. The nautical flair is cultivated everywhere. A lowerable marina platform at the stern of the ship is used for water sports activities.

The future - The Flying Clipper

A fourth sailing ship is under construction. The Croatian Brodosplit shipyard has been building the Flying Clipper since 2015. This ship is a fairly exact replica of the five-masted barque France II. With a length of 162 meters, a width of 18,50 meters and a sail area of ​​6.347 square meters, it will be the largest sailing ship to sail the seas.

The ship has a steel hull. The deck areas are designed with teak. The facilities include large, open wooden decks, three pools, SPA and massage rooms and a bathing platform. The capacity is put at 300 passengers and 150 crew members. Under sail, the Flying Clipper will go up to 20 knots. When the engine is running, a top speed of 16 knots should be achieved. The ship has a rotary propeller and bow thruster for better maneuverability.

Flying Clipper - rendering

Flying Clipper - rendering - © Brodosplit Shipyard

The original plan was to introduce the new build into the fleet in the second half of 2017. Due to delays, Star Clipper Cruises is currently talking about the commissioning "possibly" in 2019.

(Karl Beyer) April 2018