AIDAblu - Mediterranean 3 - Day 17 - Livorno

Author Wolfgang Schultz

02.09.14/XNUMX/XNUMX Livorno / Italy

The long line to the millionaire and the evil tongues

Fortunately, I did the math correctly. The market restaurant has the longest on the AIDAblu open and that has salmon. Hooray! Today it is surprisingly full here, which means that a number of passengers will probably stay on board or take the shuttle bus to Livorno on their own. 


Speaking of the shuttle bus: 10 days ago I offered AIDA my help at this point to get the shuttle buses into the AIDA today. Well, what can I say, nobody has contacted me and so it does not say that there are shuttle buses today. But through observation I unfortunately have to determine a systematic: wherever the shuttle buses are placed by the cities, there is no notice from AIDA, not in AIDAtoday and not in the port information. This information is only available if AIDA provides the shuttle buses for a fee. No, friends of AIDA, that's not good. The fact that you want to earn money is ok, but obviously provoking it is not customer friendly, such information is simply part of the service. 

Unlike yesterday, the sky is bright blue again today at 27 ° C. As it was announced at breakfast, many more people stayed on board, so that the pool deck is also quite full. So it is completely impossible to find a place in the shade and so we have to lie in the sun all day. I don't like doing it that much despite sunscreen with a factor of 1000 anti-sun plus or something. And that's why I always use the pool towel as sun protection. Others are much harder and actually lie frying in the sun for hours without thinking about turning them regularly. Evil tongues claim that the motto is: "What does the smoker care about skin cancer that he no longer experiences?" ...

17IMG 2639 cruise mediterranean3

It is then too hot for coffee, so today there is a fat Caramel Colada in between. 

As always, we go to the market restaurant at 18pm Obviously people have read my reports because it is getting full again. At least it gives me the opportunity to people watch. The inclined reader who has followed my recent cruise reviews may remember my top 00 buffet types. I have to post these guys on my favorite forum, the cruise fans, after my vacation. But before that I have to add today's observations: 

The finger pickers
You can recognize this species by the fact that as you walk past, mostly towards the exit, a delicious dish catches your eye again. Then of course there is no plate to hand, spoons are only for beginners and so it is common in other cultures to use your fingers. Only after the introduction of high-speed cameras could this species actually be identified as it picks pieces of fruit out of the bowls with quick chopping of sharp fingers. Unscientific, however, is the assertion of individual observers that the smeariness of the fingers after picking is proportional to the preferred type of this species. 

The professional photo makers
The name of this species is to be taken literally. You can recognize them by the fact that they rush through the restaurant with a haunted gaze and raised digital camera (optionally also smartphone and, more recently, tablet) to photograph the food before greedy fingers stretch out for it. You are then bent forward at a suitable distance - as the focal length allows - with your buttocks stretched out backwards in the aisle and prevent anyone from getting through. This species is particularly popular when the third photo is still unsuccessful after extensive checks and has to be repeated with immobile concentration. 

We watch the departure at 19pm from the balcony and that is very nice, not only because of the wonderful view over the sea to offshore islands, but also because of the wonderful sunset in the sea.

17IMG 2646 cruise mediterranean3

From the evening program we are only interested in the show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”. Long queues form in front of the TV studio and far into the shop an hour earlier. The reason is that the 250 existing voting devices are distributed there, with which the audience can participate and qualify for the chair. The entertainment manager Celina Wortmann does it very well and the theatrium is packed. But nobody can go beyond winning a wellness voucher. 

The next stage is 302 kilometers to Ajaccio.



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