AIDAblu - Mediterranean 3 - 18th day of the cruise - Ajaccio / Corsica

Author Wolfgang Schultz

03.09.14/XNUMX/XNUMX Ajaccio / Corsica / France

A wonderful day at the sea

For our sake the captain parked backwards today. This means that we are in the same place as 10 days ago, but from our balcony we have a great view of the marina and the Citadelle. This is only clouded by the lack of salmon in the market restaurant. 

Today we set out early to really enjoy the beach. We walk the few hundred meters past the yachts, restaurants and fishing boats, at the Citadelle to our beach. As often as we come here, we should have a name tag hanging there. Despite the numerous AIDA pool towels that are already there, sand can still be seen and we find a nice place right next to the wall of the Citadelle. Next to us are a few young AIDA employees, none of them from the entertainment team, but infected with the entertainment gene, because they are the only ones who have loud music on and thus entertain the beach. At some point when they go swimming, the battery is empty, which everyone on the beach regrets incredibly, because now you can only hear the sound of the sea, the seagulls and children playing. 

Ajaccio marina

But that is exactly what we enjoy all day today. The beach is very clean (except for a couple of Nutella cups that someone from the restaurant took away and stuck empty in the sand, easy to understand, since the nearest trash can is definitely 20 meters away), the water is crystal clear, so that the few rocks that look out of the sand can be easily seen and avoided. The sun burns down cloudlessly at 27 ° C, so I can't defend myself against a tan. The children bathe and bathe and when they are completely soaked, bathe them again. Take a little nap in between and then bathe. Despite the reluctance to go into the ice-cold water so well heated by the sun, we also go swimming and find that the water is not cold at all, but wonderful. And then we bathe and bathe too. 

18IMG 2685 cruise mediterranean3

I then walk down the beach again to the end under the top of the Citadelle. There are only sharp-edged rocks here, but thanks to sturdy sneakers I can also climb on them and am rewarded with a wonderful view of the bay in front of Ajaccio. 

18IMG 2687 cruise mediterranean3

At some point we have to go back to the ship, rehearsal for the children for their show, while we sit down in the sun on the balcony again. After eating in the market restaurant with today's highlight of gratinated Camembert with cranberries, I unfortunately have to find out that the cabinets in the cabin have to be prepared somehow, because my beautiful green shirt must have shrunk in places and is dangerously tight on my stomach ... 

In between, our entertainment manager Jan announces the evening program over loudspeakers and that is the right time to stop. Why is Celina suddenly called Jan? By chance we actually saw Celina Wortmann disembark with luggage when we went to the beach. But what's that about, maybe he'll explain it instead of just announcing the program? During the evening program, Jan then briefly explains that Celina has started her well-deserved vacation. Granted that, but we have never experienced that, that in 20 days we not only have 3 different entertainment managers, but that they are even exchanged in the middle of a trip. Completely new fashions at AIDA. 

We enjoy sailing again on the balcony, this time with a view of the city. It's really worth it to see how the city, which stretches along the bay for a long time, gets smaller and smaller, the lights get more and more as it gets dark. Such a view of town and country can only be had from the ship. 

In the evening we enjoy the exclusive Sezono show again, also made up for it. We noticed that this is the only performance of the artists in 10 days. Where is the artist show that is always there? A gig every 10 days isn't that much. At the end, however, the hammer is the solo program of the Spaniard Marc Mateo Calsina "El temperamento". In fact, he manages to inspire us with a Mediterranean temperament and passion, with a brilliant voice. 

The next stage is 565 kilometers to Barcelona.

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