AIDAblu - Mediterranean 3 - Day 20 - Barcelona

Author Wolfgang Schultz

05.09.14 Barcelona

A thick head and no blue-yellow sperm

The night was hard. Not because of the sea, but the harshness of the last day. The end-of-holiday depression is slowly spreading. How can it be that 20 days flew by so quickly? Incredible. 20 working days don't go by nearly as quickly.

We also like to sleep at sea with the balcony door open, simply because it's so nice to hear the sea and to get the fresh air around your nose. Both are over suddenly when some scattered disco visitors first continue the party in the hallway and then next to us on the balcony. Instead of the murmur of the sea, now booze and instead of a fresh breeze, a two-story pub is moving in with us. Sure we close the balcony door, but when we wake up again around 9:00 am, we have a skull to burst. From the feeling we could have been with the party, at least as far as the head is concerned, but I know for sure that we weren't ...

20IMG 2754 cruise mediterranean3

Added to this is the oppressively warm and cloudy weather in Barcelona this morning and so we drag ourselves to the only remaining East restaurant today after 10:00am That means salmon, but not banana milk, yes, you can't please everyone, the main thing is salmon ... 

A special highlight today is that we suddenly see another smaller cruise ship in the distance. The closer it gets, the clearer it becomes that the bow is not a blue-yellow sperm, but an eye with waves next to a kissable mouth. It's the AIDAvita that has been near us for a few days and is now passing by next to us. That looks great and I vacillate a lot between getting the camera to film it or continuing with breakfast as the restaurant is about to close. As always, gluttony wins.

20IMG 2764 cruise mediterranean3

In contrast to us, the AIDAvita is allowed to dock in front of the World Trade Center, so that the passengers are right in the middle instead of just in front of it. 

After breakfast we have no choice but to bring our head back to the horizontal and close our eyes. The whole thing accompanied by loud snoring - I won't tell who, but I can safely confirm that I haven't heard anything ... 

20IMG 2772 cruise mediterranean3

AIDA got shuttle buses again, this time I think the price is even more marginal than 10 days ago, because this time we are the first in the row of cruise ships to go into town. This time, many people really simply walk over the lift bridge into the city. We want that too, but what can I say, there is no question that Barcelona is worth it and we will definitely be back, but we will not get off the ship. The fat head, the depression at the end of the vacation, children on strike, all of this together means that we stay on board. 

barcelona port

Instead, we sit in the library for hours and play Skip-Bo, the crazy labyrinth and Halli Galli with the kids. Then a bit of a balcony with changing cloudy weather, a little drizzle, thunder, sunshine at almost 30 ° C. So we enjoy a last day on board. 

At the last supper, AIDA really goes all out: lobster, braised duck breast, beef fillet, asparagus. Then the kids club meets the artists in the theatrium, they show what they can do and the kids can then ask questions. Amazingly, only the artist comes from Ukraine, the artist comes from Canada. That is a real acrobatic performance and the question time is done nicely. 

aidastera theatrium

Unfortunately we can no longer avoid packing our suitcases. And that means carrying clothes back and forth between the cubicles until all suitcases are evenly filled below the permitted 23 kg. I think this is the most frustrating activity of the whole vacation. 

After we did all of this in time for the final show, we sit down on the balcony a bit in the twilight and enjoy the last few hours.

The farewell show "Fireworks" and the official farewell, which we were able to enjoy 10 days ago without taking part, unfortunately also applies to us this time. For this we at least get a free champagne this time without any problems. 

Suitcases left in front of the cabin by 2am are carried into the terminal by the employees, which is a really good idea if I remember how crowded it was in all the aisles on the last trips at 9:00am because the cabins were there must be left. And then heaving 4 suitcases around would not be a good idea. That is why we only keep 1 suitcase in the cabin, in which the laundry items etc. come tomorrow. And our last act today is to put the other 3 suitcases in front of the door (just to avoid misunderstandings: in front of the cabin door. In front of the ship's door something would have become final). 

The last stage is 250 kilometers to Palma de Mallorca.

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