AIDAblu - Mediterranean 3 - Day 21 - Palma de Mallorca

Author Wolfgang Schultz

06.09.14 Palama de Mallorca

Even 20 days are over at some point

Such a departure day is the only day that we could do without when we are traveling. 

21IMG 2782 cruise mediterranean3

So that we can really do everything, we go to breakfast at 7:30am, initially without children. So we can have breakfast in peace and then clear the cabin. And the children can still get some sleep. The cabins must be vacated by 9:00am So I go to the children shortly beforehand, pack the last things and look in every corner so as not to forget anything. With us the same, then the last suitcase can go out. While the children are having breakfast, we first find a nice place outside on deck 5 and then I bring the suitcase to the terminal. All suitcases that were put in front of the door at night are already there, lined up by deck, and I can look for them and put them together in one place. 

Actually, I thought, I'll do it particularly well today, so that I don't run off board with everyone else and come back safely. But this is a discreet mistake, because several buses have currently arrived from the airport and there is a long line in front of the Spanish access control that is barely making any progress. After what feels like an eternity, I'm back on board and we read something. 

21IMG 2783 cruise mediterranean3

The individual flights are called up one by one so that all passengers can go to the shuttle buses. As always, we leave a little earlier, find the suitcases that have been put together without any problems and thus have comfortable space on the bus. And then it's the last time past the cathedral to the airport. 

mallorca royal palace and cathedral

As always, we have already reserved the seats at airberlin free of charge. That is definitely one of the reasons why we like to fly with airberlin, because the reservation works so well. Only with the mobile phone there are slight problems displaying the tickets, but that can be solved very well because there are ticket terminals at the airport where we can easily print out our reserved tickets. So we don't have to queue at the check-in, we just have to hand over the suitcases, through the security gate and that's it. 

As always, sitting at the airport can get very long. This time I try to use the free WiFi that is advertised here. Actually, I want to upload a few pictures with it, but the airport menu is extremely complicated and when I finally get it all done, it turns out that only 15 minutes are free. And then the reception is so bad that I can't charge anything. But at least the time has passed.

As always, the boarding goes very well, we are the last group that is called because we are almost at the front. Especially not on the pilot's lap. And then this flight runs smoothly again, the cheese sandwich in between is dispensable and we land in Hamburg on time. Our return schedule is then thrown up a lot, because we are at the luggage conveyor belt for well over 1 hour. This time it takes forever to get suitcases at all, and then they come in a mess like we have never seen before. And then ours are also the very last - you start to wonder whether they will come at all. 

Our car is still exactly where we parked it 3 weeks ago, and you can easily exit the parking garage again with your EC card. And so that the holiday does not end so silently and without a sound, we drive through Hamburg, where, as suspected, we see the 3rd AIDA lying in the Hafencity today - after the blu and the vita in Palma de Mallorca. 

Well, and then we'll be back home and what comforts us is that it will start again in 6 weeks - back to the AIDAblu.