AIDAblu - Mediterranean 3 - 3rd day of the ship - La Goulette

Author Wolfgang Schultz

19.08.14/XNUMX/XNUMX La Goulette / Tunisia

Salmon, Terrorists and Africa

Now it happened. It shouldn't have happened. We have feared it since the last time and we didn’t let ourselves be dazzled by yesterday either: There’s no salmon. A breakfast at sea without salmon with horseradish is unimaginable, I also think that the right to salmon is a human right or is at least enshrined in the travel conditions. But it's no use, at Bella Donna today there are only these terrible salty salmon schnitzel.

The inclined reader may remember how last time we simply went to the wide-world restaurant to bring the salmon to the market restaurant with clear revolutionary behavior. But this time it fails due to 3 factors: On the one hand there is no wide-world restaurant on the 4 large ships, on the 2nd the market restaurant closes too early today, so we have to rely on the Bella Donna and on the 3rd we are on today Entrance of the market restaurant both the restaurant chef and the kitchen chef and watch over that no one dragged food out of the restaurant. We can't get past them. What kind of day is this going to be when it starts without horseradish salmon. At the end of the day they withhold the soft-boiled eggs. Incredible.

There are no soft-boiled eggs. There is a sign where the bowl should be that says “We're refilling for you”. That's ok, freshly made is good. After 10 minutes the sign is still there. Think briefly: Soft-boiled eggs take 5 minutes. If the sign has been there for a while, ohoh ... And when they come, who was right, as always? The effort to kill even the last Salmonella with heat has paid off, probably every poor bacterium has now evaporated, at least that is how hard the soft-boiled eggs are.

No, today neither the different types of cheese, the jams, the fruit, the muesli, not even the numerous gratinated tomatoes that I devour out of desperation can comfort me. Especially not those masses of cold cuts, scrambled eggs or bacon that are lying around everywhere, I've finished for today ...

03IMG 2064 cruise mediterranean3

We have been in La Goulette, the port of Tunis in Tunisia, since this morning. It's a bit hazy, but you can't see anything on the deck without sunglasses, so the brightness burns your eyes. Today the temperature rises to 39 ° C, which is a small difference to the still 17 ° C in Hamburg. As always, Tunisia does not lure us off board. Our time comes in the next few days with the various Italian ports, each of which we have a detailed plan. But apart from the fact that we do not find Tunis really attractive, we feel that many Muslim countries are too unsafe for us. This is reinforced by a warning in AIDA today. I have to quote that: “In Tunis / LaGoulette there is a latent threat from attacks with a terrorist background. In the interests of your own safety, we would like to ask you to pay particular attention during your stay in very busy locations.

03IMG 2065 cruise mediterranean3

Does this mean that by paying special attention I can prevent falling victim to a terrorist attack? Do I just have to check other people in crowded places to see if someone looks particularly terrorist or hang the cable out of another's backpack? "Oh, there is a terrorist back there, let's take the other way" ...

No, I'm sorry, I don't understand this warning correctly (maybe this is just due to the lack of salmon) and we prefer to stay particularly attentive on board.

A message appears on the television that we have a cabin mail. It says that the balcony will be cleaned today and that we should rather stay away because otherwise we would get wet. In fact, a balcony shower comes at around 8. Fortunately, we are obedient and have stayed away. At first we thought it was a shame not to be able to use the balcony in such weather. But later we notice how, despite the sea, the air on the balcony is incredibly hot. You can't sit there for long at all.

So we enjoy a not very good milkshake in the Blu Bar, watch the rehearsals on the side, this time from the singers, and then go to a hot round of skip-bo in the AIDA lounge. Leaving this later turns out to be more difficult because the access at both entrances is now closed with barrier tape, because a closed society is planned later.

03IMG 2068 cruise mediterranean3

In the early afternoon we go to the balcony and we enjoy the exit from La Goulette at 16:00pm We spend the time until dinner in the market restaurant reading. My highlights today: crispy roast duck, market vegetables and tomato-mozzarella.

The evening program is really great again. First the dance show “Après la Pluie”. It is always amazing how synchronous the 8 dancers are, how athletic and yet supple the movements look and how they always smile despite all their efforts.

Afterwards the 6 soloists will sing songs by Phil Collins in the show "In the Air Tonight". Another great show, the theatrium is packed and we are all excited.

The next stage is 356 kilometers to Palermo.

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