AIDAblu - Mediterranean 3 - 8th day of the cruise - Ajaccio / Corsica

Author Wolfgang Schultz

24.08.14/XNUMX/XNUMX Ajaccio / Corsica / France

A wonderful day at the beach

After the stress of the last few days, a quiet day at the beach is the order of the day. Today we are not interested in Napoleon in Ajaccio was born and that we can stumble upon him at every corner. The day also promises to be beautiful with bright sunshine at 26 ° C. But of course there is no salmon again today. What should become of such a day ... 

He'll be beautiful anyway. Out of the ship, you fall straight into the city of Ajaccio. We walk a little past the marina. It's unbelievable how many big, expensive yachts there are ...

08IMG 2300 cruise mediterranean3

Then past a couple of restaurants to the Citadelle. We just have to go around it. Below in the former ditch live 2 donkeys and a goat, which, however, has worked its way up the steep wall onto a ledge. There is a wall at the end of the citadel. And from this wall a stone staircase leads to a narrow strip of fine sand, the Plage Saint Francois. This is clean, just a bit full, especially by people with the typical yellow and white AIDA pool towels. But we find a free spot and it's wonderful to just lie on the beach in the blazing sun all midday and afternoon, the children romp on the gently sloping bank in really nice waves. Wonderful, this is vacation and something different from city walks.

Well, actually that was the day. What should I write, it was just beautiful, sunny and calm. 

Highlights of dinner today are clearly the gratinated pork fillets and the beef steak. We do it right from the start so that we always go to the market restaurant at the first meal time at 18:00pm At this time it is really empty every evening, you can easily get to the buffet anywhere. We have already experienced it differently, with crowds and queues at the buffet and a tedious search for tables. It's nice that nobody wants to eat at this time. But I don't even want to know how full it is at other times. But if someone complains about looking for a table in the restaurants at AIDA: It's all a question of clever planning. 

08IMG 2302 cruise mediterranean3

We look at the exit from Ajaccio at 20:00pm from the balcony. The AIDAblu has to slowly turn backwards in order to then follow the bay to the sea and sail into the sunset.

08IMG 2322 cruise mediterranean3

In the evening a big round of skip-bo is played, after which we watch the solo program “On the way to me” with the Spanish-Dutchman Dennis Marquez. He presents love ballads with a very beautiful, powerful voice.

This time the theatrium is also full, the time at 21:00pm is better. Unfortunately, there are two older women sitting in front of us who absolutely have to exchange all the adventures of their long, very long lives. With a certain level of hearing loss, it is not that easy to drown out the singer. Isn't that possible elsewhere? As if they'd heard it, at some point they went their separate ways. 

But we don't understand one thing: We have 6 excellent soloists on board. On our last trips we had at least 7 solo programs every 3 days. Today is over a week and only the second solo appearance. If there are such good singers here, why not put on the pounds? No, don't misunderstand, I don't mean that the soloists are overweight, none of them are, but that what you have in terms of quality should be exploited. For once, I won't charge you the tip, dear AIDA planners! 

The next stage is 565 kilometers to Barcelona.

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