AIDAblu - Mediterranean 3 - 12nd ship day - sea day

Author Wolfgang Schultz

28.08.14 day at sea

Kitsch as kitsch can

We have it again. With the Bella Donna we managed to stick with salmon today. It should always be like this ... Except that the restaurant is completely overcrowded this morning. 10:00 is simply the wrong time to have breakfast. But we are lucky that there is a table in front of us. 

aidastera 215 kids club

The children go back to the end of the kids information and a new round of the kids club. While we make ourselves comfortable on the balcony. And that's almost kitschy: The sea today is really deep blue and very calm. Above us a cloudless sky with a bright sun at 30 ° C. Far and wide no land, no ship to be seen. Just wonderful! 

12IMG 2516 cruise mediterranean3

During the lunch break we interrupt the balcony session for a long, hot round of skip-bo with the children in the AIDA lounge. With coffee we treat ourselves to a latte macchiato caramel in Café Mare, delicious. At the same time we listen to the editor, who is also new on board. We have also enjoyed it on a few past trips that sometimes there is a lecturer who reports on the country and people of our destinations. Today Knut von Hofmann reports on Sardinia and Sicily and that is very informative. 

In between I go to the travel advisors on deck 10 again. The background is that I am still dissatisfied with the reaction from AIDA to my request not to be so brushy, after all, we always travel here with 4, sometimes 5 or 7 people . We spent 99 nights on the AIDA ships after this trip. From 100 nights there are discounts for the green club level. Missing 1 night. OK, we don't want anything for free, but have booked a combined trip for autumn, which means 2 trips combined. And my request so far has been, after the first trip, if we legally have 105 days, to grant us the club level including discounts for the 2nd trip. But AIDA doesn't want to, because they say that a combined trip is 1 trip and the new club level is only available after the entire trip has been completed.

That's what I mean by brushy. But I'm not satisfied that quickly, as I said, I don't want anything for free, but a little accommodating has never harmed a company. And now I'm going to try another way: I noticed that we booked the two trips with different tariffs. And since it is not possible to book the same trip with different tariffs, it must be 2 different trips. Ha, let's see what Rostock is saying now. But no matter what they say: It's stupid that I have to chase after all the money we left on the ships ... I mean, we love it on the ships, enjoy what is on offer, feel a little too here Home. But it must also be noted that AIDA does not do this out of philanthropy, we pay for it. 

11IMG 2515 cruise mediterranean3

Ah dear, but that was serious. Let's get back to the nice part: Back on the balcony. If the sun was blazing on the balcony during our game, it is now possible again to squeeze in the shade in the corner. And so we again enjoy the sea all to ourselves and far away from the reported problems. 

Such a spontaneous route change naturally means a huge organizational effort for the crew. Tomorrow not only the port must be prepared, excursions must also be organized, which can already be booked diligently today. After yesterday and today I had to grumble a bit at this point, here's praise: All respect for this achievement! 

From around 16pm the ship is more in the sea than it is sailing. Since the way to Sardinia is shorter than to Tunis, the ship is now going very slowly to save fuel. 

The composition of the passengers has also changed a bit. It should be around 2600 again, but only around 430 children. The holidays are coming to an end everywhere. Accordingly, the proportion of senior citizens and Bavarian families in particular is higher than on the last trip. 

In the evening we see the captain and crew performance again. This time the spark leaps over immediately and the audience is fully there. Funny how different it is without my being able to say why it is.

The show "Can You Feel It" with songs from the Jackson 5 is great again. No, we don't mind seeing that twice because it's just so good.


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