AIDAblu - Mediterranean 3 - 14th day of sailing - Palermo

Author Wolfgang Schultz

30.08.14/XNUMX/XNUMX Palermo / Italy

Pool and a tough basketball match

Today we sleep in. Always getting up early on vacation. The only problem is that the market restaurant is open the longest, and that without salmon. And then it's only 7 days left - I don't know what is causing me more panic ... 

Somehow the children cannot be motivated to walk through Palermo again (what luck that we always have the children as an alibi) and so today we take advantage of the fact that almost all the passengers are hanging around Palermo. The sports deck is completely free and so I fight a hot basketball fight (especially hot because of the 27 ° C in the burning sun). I have to admit that I lost the first game after a 6-1 lead 8:10, in the second game I was able to shine with 2: 8. Well, the word “game” is more related to throwing a basketball, but that doesn't sound too sporty in this report. And the fact that my opponent was only our youngest is completely ignored here. 

14IMG 2585 cruise mediterranean3

When we were alone at first, loud brass music and hooting suddenly shook the silence. It seems strange in the port of Palermo, but it is explained when the Costa Favolosa pushes right next to us. Seems to be a happy ship, which then delights us for the rest of the day with frequent loud Italian announcements. 

After we are so well done after this hot match, today we enjoy the pool together, the entire pool deck is also only sparingly occupied, and we even have space in the small pools to swim in the counter-current system (that there is, was not clear to me so far, but in the past the pool was always so full that you could hardly stand). Only when it noticeably fills up around 14pm do we flee to our beloved balcony, which we could not enter before, because balcony cleaning was announced. There we have sun again, although a huge wall has now built up in front of our balcony, the Costa ship. We only interrupt this session with a latte macchiato caramel.

As always, we enjoy dinner at 18:00pm in the largely empty market restaurant. We have a great view of the coast and most of Palermo, which passes by us.

Another new feature on this trip is that the various puddings for dessert are no longer available in large bowls, but are instead portioned in small wake-up glasses. It looks unquestionably more appetizing, but it's a bit too much for me, as I've always liked to take a little bit of this or that pudding with me, but then I can't manage several glasses. Or I would make it, but at some point it will take revenge on my stomach. 

At 19:00pm the lecturer Knut von Hofmann will give a lecture on Naples and Rome. It's again very interesting to get to know the background. The actors then have to wait a bit with their “seminar” “good behavior lends” because the editor is overdone. To bridge the gap, the first part of the current travel film will be shown before the soloist Joana Bagley from Australia presents her program "By Request" with your friends' favorite songs. With a strong voice we hear a colorful mixture of well-known and unknown songs, we particularly like “Mercy”. 

The conclusion today is the "hit party" on the pool deck. 8 dancers and 4 singers present German hits there. They do that very well, but there is simply something involuntarily funny when Russians, Ukrainians, Swedes, Hungarians in 70s clothes sing and dance German hits.

Our little one has the most fun because she has made an appointment with a friend right in front of the stage and is then allowed to take part in a polonaise with the dancers. Children are very uncomplicated, the dancers are not so successful when the adults are involved. 

The next stage is 319 kilometers to Naples.



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