AIDAblu - Mediterranean 3 - 19nd ship day - sea day

Author Wolfgang Schultz

04.09.14 day at sea

Sea. Just sea

I love days at sea. You don't have to do anything, just live your day. What I love less, however, is that everyone else is on board too. And since many love to party extensively in the evening, they then have breakfast late. We do that today because the children simply don't come ashore - no, that's ambiguous: line up for dinner and so we have to go to the only longer open restaurant, the Bella Donna. I hate wandering around the restaurant without success until a table finally becomes free somewhere. But what does it help, we look for and find at some point, the search and at some point finding then continues at the buffet, which cannot be refilled so quickly due to the rush, with the exception of the salmon, which of course was only available in the market restaurant today. So today again a clear message to AIDA: Salmon is now part of every breakfast in halfway upscale restaurants, and those who save at the wrong end will see what they get from it. In any case, at least this announcement ...

aida lounge

But some guests also urgently need an announcement: The restaurant is packed, people are desperately looking for a table, do you have to block one with a card game? Everything is free in the AIDALounge, there are even tables for playing. Grrr.

Yes, I know, it's just that salmon withdrawal again ... 

19IMG 2059 cruise mediterranean3

But it is really nice on the balcony again. Since we are now looking north again, we have no direct sun, but despite light clouds it is still pleasantly warm at 24 ° C. Then we listen to the lecturer giving a lecture about Barcelona again and see what we saw or missed 10 days ago. We also watch the art auction a bit until we continue to enjoy the balcony. 

The evening program has also been decided today: Both children will be taking part in the “Farbtasia” kids show again, everyone is having fun again and afterwards we will have a cocktail together. The show “Rock me Baby” concludes, and the audience really goes along with it again. And because everything is so beautiful right now and one of us (again, I won't say who) really wants a certain ring from the shop, we go there again.

Kids show "Farbtasia"


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