AIDAblu - Mediterranean 3 - 5th day of the cruise - Naples

Author Wolfgang Schultz

21.08.14/XNUMX/XNUMX Naples / Italy

A quiet day in Naples

If someone is now worried because of the many reports about the missing salmon and wonders whether these are withdrawal symptoms, I can only comfort: The worries are justified. 

After the rather anti-cyclical movement through Marktrestaurant and Bella Donna, we are even more anti-cyclical today and start in the East Restaurant. Inevitably, but what can I say, it's open the longest, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, etc. But what is much more important: there is my salmon! The whole bowl is mine, to the ignorant I say that it would be for the whole family ... Oh, such a morning can be so beautiful ...

ADIDAstella - East Restaurant

In my defense, salmon is an old home remedy for tapeworms, eaten first thing in the morning. Well, actually herring, but who wants to be petty? And when I see how I have already gained weight in the first few days, that speaks more against tapeworms, but of course you never know.

Cruise Terminal Naples

Today I have to say something about cleanliness. Actually, we at AIDA are always very satisfied with it, and the TV report that was recently added was, in my opinion, untrue and malicious. Nevertheless, it always depends on the individual employee. And so today we find a discontent, more precisely, a large, silver, not exactly cheap watch. Instead of a bedside table, there is a small, rectangular, open bedside shelf and it was right in the back. It doesn't belong to us, so it has to belong to our predecessor. And then I ask myself whether it shouldn't have been noticed when the cabin was cleaned when the bed was changed? I'm afraid I must even suspect that if it wasn't noticed, this spot wasn't cleaned. So I think to myself, I'll take the watch to reception, maybe someone will miss it, and just ask. But well, what else can the nice lady at the front desk say besides that my considerations are somehow logical. 

05IMG 2097 cruise mediterranean3

Actually we wanted to go to Pompeii on our own today. We had already taken a tour there and now wanted to take a look at it all again. After yesterday's messing about and the huge program that is ahead of us tomorrow in Rome, the vigor is so limited that we can't get off in time. The little ones refuse completely, and so I stay on board with them, just hold my nose at 30 ° C on deck and enjoy my latte in detail, while the rest of the family really wants to go to a shopping street in Naples. Oh, how sad I am that I have to stay on board ... 

05IMG 2100 cruise mediterranean3

In this respect, I can only report from Naples today that we are right next to the city, just get out of the terminal and you are in the city center. The space in front of the terminal is still a huge construction site, but getting through is not a problem. It is still interesting that we are once again expressly warned in the AIDA today not to buy counterfeit branded products, as the Italian state provides horrific penalties for buyers. At the same time, however, the same paths are always lined with the sellers of these fakes, without the police, who are otherwise in abundance, bothering about it. 

The show of the evening is the ABBA show "Dancing Queen Reloaded" shown on every trip. I don't even know whether the frequent riders still watch this show, but I always take the pleasure of checking whether the 6 soloists manage to hit the ABBA sound. Today they do it very well and so they actually make the audience rave. We haven't always heard it that well, and that is not a matter of course when you consider what a colorful mix the soloists are: one from the Netherlands, one from Spain, one from Australia, one from Hungary, but also 2 from Sweden .

Was fun! 

The next stage is 304 kilometers to Rome.


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