AIDAblu - Mediterranean 3 - 9nd ship day - sea day

Author Wolfgang Schultz

25.08.14 day at sea


Salmon. The experienced reader knows what that means. The day is saved…

We love days at sea, days when you don't have to get off board, days when the balcony, the sea air and a good book mean everything - apart from the salmon, of course. 

And today apart from washing. Because it feels like our main activity this morning. The little ones used up clothes faster than expected and so we have to wash today. That was planned, but not already today. But what the heck, is it time? And since around 2600 passengers are leaving the day after tomorrow, most of them will not wash today. In fact, a washing machine is available in the laundromat on deck 7. With 2 euros you are there. Then another 2 euros for the dryer and recently also 50 cents for washing powder.

After a while we also got used to the menu navigation. 30 minutes for the first machine, 45 minutes for the dryer. Second machine then another 30 minutes, no one is free to use the dryer, but the one on the far left has been occupied by the same people since this morning, without them coming by and picking up the laundry. That's actually how it is intended and that's how we are so kind as to pile their laundry on an ironing board (if I had written “stacking” now, the inclined reader would think we had folded the laundry cleanly, but we're not that friendly today) . Another 45 minutes dryer. In order not to occupy the devices for too long (there are only 6 washing machines and 5 functioning dryers), we pick up the laundry on time and so we are - it feels like - only walking back and forth between the balcony and the laundrette all morning. On the other hand, we were able to keep the 23 kg baggage limit for the flight and that makes sense. 

aidastera 165 cafe mare

With coffee we treat ourselves to a milk coffee again in the Café Mare and, as in the case of the art auction, we see a blind date (i.e. a hidden picture where you do not know beforehand what you are bidding on) for 500 euros. Usually the blind dates always end for less than 200 euros, so she must have given some kind of tip, because there is actually a Rizzi here who is certainly worth the price. 

We treat ourselves to the balcony again until dinner. It is starboard and that means that it is pointing north, as we are going straight west to Barcelona. That in turn means that at the beginning of the trip we always had full sun on the south side, but no sun in the north today. Nevertheless, it is so warm at a slightly hazy 23 ° C that it is wonderful on the balcony and without the risk of sunburn. Pure enjoyment. 

The big ones feel really annoyed again. After having had problems at the beginning of playing volleyball, they now played every day. Only the last two days they couldn't because we had been on the road for so long. And now permanent teams were formed on these two days and they are only allowed to play if someone else happens to be unable to. Today everyone can. And now they are angry. I find my way, because what's the point of locking out participants for the last few days who just happened to be unable to? 

Overall, the composition of the guests is very young. A good 600 are children and young people. According to the parents. But I also see a surprising number of very young couples. This time seniors are clearly in the minority. What strikes me as extremely positive about this trip is the really good behavior the young adults display. We have by no means always experienced it this way and that is worth praise. 

The evening is all about the children's show Farbtasia. The two little ones take part again of course and have practiced diligently every evening, this time as yellow desert dwellers and red fire. And as always, it's done in a very touching way and we parents are all very proud. We would never have dared to do that at that age. And certainly not now. 

09IMG 2332 cruise mediterranean3

09IMG 2348 cruise mediterranean3

In the click parade, the actors in the third episode are showing funny films from Youtube that we mostly don't know yet, and that is actually quite funny. 

After a fortifying cocktail, the Ike and Tina Turner show “Rock Me Baby” concludes. With strength, verve and the powerful voices we already know, soloists and dancers get everything out of themselves and inspire the audience once again.


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