Celebrity Reflection - Western Mediterranean - Day 6 - At Sea

Celebrity Reflection - Western Mediterranean - Day 6 - At Sea

Author Anne Plau

After six eventful days, we are looking forward to our first day at sea. Of course you don't have to chase every attraction on land, but there are always too many great things that we absolutely want to see. It's probably the same for others. You do too much, and that is very exhausting. So today it's time to rest, sunbathe and unwind. An extensive tour of the Celebrity Reflection is also on the agenda.

Everything “picobello” on the Reflection

Of course we have seen almost everything of the ship in the last few days, and our first impressions have been confirmed again and again. The Reflection has been in service for almost 5 years and everything still looks like new. The ship is extremely well cared for, regardless of whether we look at our cabin or the communal areas inside and outside, everything is in pristine condition, clean, attractive and stylish.

Relaxing on the lawn of the Lawn Club Celebrity Reflection Library Balcony cabin # 8178 Balcony cabin # 8178 - bathroom

Our cabin is spacious and practical, the beds are very comfortable. The bathroom is surprisingly large, but we also know bathrooms that are more cramped. The balcony is quiet and big enough for two. During our Mediterranean cruise we only have nice weather and little wind; we can therefore make good use of the balcony.  

Terrace high above the sea

As on the last few days we have breakfast in the Oceanview Café. The buffet restaurant is located aft on deck 14 and has a partially covered outdoor area. For us, eating with a view of the sea is one of the special amenities of a cruise. And we particularly enjoy it on a day at sea.

Oceanview Café - outside areaOceanview Café - outside area

In the buffet restaurant there are stations for the different dishes: in the morning, for example, fruit; Bread and pastries; Milk, yogurt and cereals; Cheese, sausage and fish; Salad and vegetables. Eggs and bacon or waffles and juices are freshly prepared, drinks can be picked up from vending machines or brought by the service staff. The choice is overwhelming. There is enough space at the stations; crowds are very rare.

A day at sea

The entertainment and knowledge offers on board during the day are just as extensive. Dancing, gymnastics, ball games, trivia, lectures, wellness and and and. There is something for every taste. But what is important - just like with food: it is an offer, nobody has to gain five kilos during a cruise, participate in all activities or learn everything. Each passenger can spend their time however they want. For example, just laze around the large outdoor pool. As on the other ships of this class, there is a solarium on the Celebrity Reflection. This is a spacious indoor glazed area with pool and jacuzzi for 16+ guests. It is particularly quiet and pleasant there, there are loungers with comfortable cushions and beautiful towels and no additional entertainment. The loungers are also available in sufficient quantities. A pool butler ensures that not only books and bags are placed there. After a reasonable period of time, waiting or orphaned items will be cleared away. That works very well, you can always find a free lounger.

Jogging track Whirl pools Solarium Sky observation lounge

A day at sea goes by in a flash. We are outside most of the day and enjoy the summer weather, do a few laps on the jogging track, have a bite to eat at the lunch buffet and enjoy the late afternoon in the Sunset Bar, our favorite bar on deck 15. At noon we stop for a short reception of the Captain's Club in the Sky Lounge. These are always informative and interesting meetings. If we have the time and inclination, we take part.

Dine delicious in the Opus Restaurant

For dinner we go to the Opus restaurant. We have the Select Dining option, ie no fixed table time and no fixed seat. Depending on our mood, we can have dinner at some point during opening hours and choose a table for two or share a larger table with other travelers. We like that very much. If we want, we get to know other people or not, and that is our decision. The food in the Opus restaurant is great. The selection is impressive, the quality and service are always right, and the dishes are delicious.

Lower level of the Opus Dining Room

Lower level of the Opus Dining Room

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