Costa Fortuna - Day 1 - Embarkation in Genoa

Costa Fortuna - Day 1 - Embarkation in Genoa

Author Anne Plau

Today our cruise starts on the Costa Fortuna. Since we don't go on board until noon, we leave our suitcases in the hotel for the time being. There is still enough time for further sightseeing.

In the garden of the Villa del Principe

We walk through Via Balbi, past magnificent palazzi and the Stazione Piazza Principe to the Villa del Principe. This spacious palace has a lovely garden. We continue towards the port and admire two beautiful old buildings: the Museoteatro della Commenda and the Chiesa Inferiore di San Giovanni di Prè.

Università degli Studi di Genova - Faculty of Literature
Villa del Principe
Gardens of the Villa del Principe
Chiesa Inferiore di San Giovanni di Pre

Opposite is the Stazione Marittima, one of the cruise terminals. Genoa's harbor zone is still not very attractive here.

In the Porto Antico

The redesign of the Porto Antico by the architect Renzo Piano, who was born in Genoa, begins at the Museo del Mare Galata. An anchored submarine can be viewed in the harbor basin in front of the Maritime Museum, and the 65-meter-long galleon Neptune is located in the next basin.

Galata Museum of the Sea
In the Galata Museo del Mare
Galleon Neptune
The Biosfera

This is followed by the aquarium and the Biosfera glass ball, in which one can observe the fauna and flora of the rainforest, the Bigo panorama lift and the Fondazione Genova 1893, a museum about the history of Genoa since 1893. There are also restaurants everywhere that invite you to linger. The Porto Antico is popular with Genoese and guests.

Genoa is a city worth seeing

It's time for us to go back to the hotel. We liked Genoa very much. Friends of ours had judged the city quite negatively: apart from the palazzi, little worth seeing, and dirty and noisy. We see it completely differently. Genoa presented itself clean and tidy everywhere.

The Piazza Pollaiuoli in Genoa's designer quarter

The Piazza Pollaiuoli in Genoa's designer quarter

In the old town, the shopkeepers ensure that customers enjoy strolling through their streets. Only once, on our last day, did we come across a neglected, stinky alley in the area of ​​the harbor. After less than 100 meters the spook was over. And there are also interesting things to see. In addition to the cathedral and the palazzi, which are well worth seeing, we particularly like the old town with its picturesque alleys, small shops and pretty pubs.

Our cruise on the Costa Fortuna begins

We'll take a taxi to the cruise terminal.

Genoa - berth for cruise ships

Genoa - berth for cruise ships

Check-in goes well and our cabin is ready to move into. The ship is a bitter disappointment for now. No matter which areas we are in this afternoon and evening: it is full and it is loud. Overdriven music, constant announcements, screaming people and raging children. Can I stand this noise and screaming for a week?

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