Costa Pacifica - Norway and North Cape

Costa Pacifica - Norway and North Cape

Author Anne Plau

June is a good month for a cruise to the North Cape. The weather is usually not bad. And once you've passed the Arctic Circle, it stays light all night.

Honningsvåg at the North Cape

From Hamburg we take the Costa Pacifica up the norwegian coast. On the way to the North Cape we visit Molde and Åndalsnes and on the way back Tromsø, the Lofoten, Trondheim, the Geirangerfjord and Bergen.

From Hamburg to Åndalsnes 

We go to Hamburg by car. This is very convenient compared to traveling by train and plane. The Costa Pacifica is located at the cruise terminal in Steinwerder. There you can park cheaply and roll your suitcase to the ship.

Before leaving Hamburg 

We're in Hamburg early and have time to stroll through town. In our posts Hamburg and Hamburg sights we provide detailed information about the Hanseatic city. First we visit St Michaelis Church, climb the church tower and look at Hamburg from above.

Hamburg-Altona from above
Hamburg - the Elbphilharmonie
HafenCity Hamburg

Then the Speicherstadt follows, there is always something new to discover. A wonderful sunny day that makes a stay in Hamburg particularly nice.

Our cabin

The embarkation on the Costa Pacifica works very quickly thanks to our status in the Costa Club. After an hour we're in the cabin. Our cabin on deck 8 is spacious and the bathroom and balcony offer enough space for the two of us. We like the interior and style of the cabin, and it's meticulously clean.

We're going down the Elbe

The Costa Pacifica is to leave Hamburg at 5 pm. The departure is delayed because several passengers from Spain do not get on the ship early enough due to bad weather.

The Niederelbe near Stade

The Niederelbe near Stade

On the outside deck we enjoy the journey from Hamburg to the open sea. It is always an experience to go down the Elbe on a cruise ship. Especially on warm, bright evenings like today.

On the way to Norway 

Our first day at sea: It's cool and windy, but the sun can be seen every now and then. Then we can even do well on the outside decks.

Costa Pacifica - outside deck

First day on board

The Costa press department has given us a contact on the ship. We meet with Maria Chong, the Costa Club manager. She takes care of some appointments on board, including sightseeing, for example of other cabins or the spa area.
At lunchtime there is a reception with the captain, accompanied by delicious cocktails and other drinks. It's friendly and casual on board, everyone is in a good mood. We meet the head of security in the afternoon. According to our previous experience, Costa takes care of press people in an absolutely professional manner.

First evening on board

In the evening we eat in the restaurant. We have a fixed table time on this cruise and share the table with four other Germans.

Costa Pacifica - Ristorante New York New York

The service is slow, our waitress is not particularly attentive. The meal starts at 6:15pm, the starter arrives at 6:50pm and so it goes on. We hope to get better. As dessert we get a cake with the label "Welcome on Board" from the press department Costa Germany. That makes a great impression at the table.

We're going to see a show with Sury Boltman in the theater. We have already seen this entertainer and singer from South Africa on a cruise with Celebrity Cruises. He's very good, especially because he involves the guests in his show.

We spend the rest of the evening in Rick's Bar. This is the wine bar on the Costa Pacifica. A duo regularly performs here, singer Giselle and guitarist Daniel. I have rarely seen such a good performance.

Costa Pacifica - Duo Giselle and Daniel in Rick's Bar

Shortly before midnight we go to the outside deck again. It's light outside.

Molde, the city of roses

We reach Molde a little later than planned, around 8am. In our post Molde we inform about the place and its sights. We don't have much time. The Costa Pacifica will cast off at 1pm and we have to be on board 30 minutes in advance. We want to go to the Varden, Molde's local mountain. The panoramic view from above - at least 407 meters above sea level - is considered to be one of the most beautiful in Norway.

On the Varden

Unfortunately, the weather doesn't match in the morning, it's cloudy. But weather can change and we have no choice.

The Varden Hut in Molde

It takes us an hour and a half up the Varden, a good hour down, and we are absolutely exhausted. The knees, the hips, everything hurts. We overestimated our condition. But it feels good to have achieved something. And every now and then there are even blue skies.

Tour of Molde

We use the remaining time for Molde. We walk through the gardens of the Chateauet and look at the historical buildings of the Romsdalsmuseum from the outside. At the end there is still the pretty cathedral church, then we go back to the ship.

Through the fjords to Åndalsnes 

The Costa Pacifica leaves Molde on time. The day is now radiantly beautiful. There is not a cloud to be seen in the blue sky. The trip through the Romsdalsfjord and Isfjord to Åndalsnes offers endless panoramic views.

Island world off Molde and the Sunnmøre Alps

The fjords, the archipelago islands, the peaks of the Sunnmøre Alps; we stay on deck during the entire journey and enjoy the picture-perfect panorama.

Åndalsnes in the Isfjord

We also reach Åndalsnes later than planned. The place is at the end of the Isfjord in front of wooded hills and blatant rock formations. In our post Åndalsnes we inform about the place and its sights.

Between Molde and Andalsnes

Troll Wall and Trollstigen

We booked a tour to the Troll Wall and Trollstigen organized by Costa Crociere for our stay. The time window for Åndalsnes today is too tight for individual planning. Basically we prefer to go on our own.
The tour also starts late. The meeting is at 3:45pm. in the theater, and it starts at 4:20pm. The waiting time is uncomfortable because there is little concrete information, on the other hand there is more endeavored jokes and a lot of stupid talk by the tour team. Another reason for us to undertake shore excursions individually.

Europe's highest steep face

The tour itself is very good. The weather is still beautiful and the visibility is excellent. We drive through the Romsdal to the Troll Wall. At around 1700 meters, it is Europe's highest steep face.

The troll wall
At the Trollveggen Besokssenter
Display board of the Troll Wall with the projection of the Eiffel Tower

I like a display board set up in front of the massif. There the different heights of the Troll Wall are compared with a projection of the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower looks tiny.

A spectacular mountain route

The Trollstigen begins behind Åndalsnes in Isterdal and climbs in serpentines with an average gradient of 12% to the top of the pass at 700 meters. The 18-kilometer route can only be traveled a few months a year and is a magnet for visitors because of the spectacular views. The road also crosses the Stigfossen waterfall, which is over 300 meters high.

The Stigfossen waterfall

The Stigfossen waterfall

Because there is no vehicle coming towards us, our bus driver stops so we can take photos. At the top of the pass we have enough time to go to the two viewing platforms. From there you can see the hairpin bends of the Trollstigen and up to the Isfjord.

Evening on the balcony

We are back in Åndalsnes at 7:15pm. There is enough time for a few photos in town, then we go back to the Pacifica. We eat in the buffet restaurant. It's overcrowded and extremely bad organized. All tours were back late, so many fellow travelers use the buffet restaurant today. It's not fun to eat.

Farewell to Andalsnes

We retreat shortly after 9:15pm and enjoy the drive through the fjords from the balcony. What a beautiful day. 

Along the Norwegian coast to the North Cape

We are driving north along the Norwegian coast. The next day at sea is cool. However, the sun always shines, so you can even lie outside.

Quiet moments on the Costa Pacifica

At around 2pm we pass the Arctic Circle, exactly at latitude 66° 33‘ 42‘‘ . North of the Arctic Circle, the sun practically never sets at this time of year, it is the time of the midsummer sun. Later in the afternoon we arrive in Lofoten and drive a long time between the archipelago and the mainland.

Communication and entertainment

At 10:30 am we meet the hotel director Oscar Silva and the guest relations manager Susann Wetzel. Communication is really lived at Costa.
Today Costa is celebrating the company's 70th birthday. There is already a beer festival at lunchtime at the Lido pool, and in the evening there is a gala with a special menu.

Costa Crociere celebrates its 70th birthday

In the theater there is first a reception with the captain and the officers and then a big birthday show. Dancers, singers and acrobats, the show is thrilling. And then the party continues by the pool.

We circumnavigate the North Cape 

It is foggy when we pass the North Cape at 9:30am. The weather changes quickly here, fog, a little rain, then it gets light again.

In front of us the North Cape

The passage is not spectacular, but it feels good to look at the North Cape from the sea. And although the view is poor, we can see the world-famous globe.

Arrival in Honningsvåg

We dock in Honningsvåg on the island of Magerøya at noon. In our post North Cape and Honningsvåg we inform about both places and their meaning. Honningsvåg is the gateway to the North Cape and the reason why not only the Hurtigruten mail ships but also cruise ships dock in this fishing port.

Shore excursion from Honningsvåg to the North Cape 

We are like most cruise passengers. We did not travel to the far north because of the fishing port of Honningsvåg, but because we want to see and experience the North Cape.

The landscape in front of the North Cape

The North Cape is also on the island of Magerøya, a good 30 kilometers northwest of Honningsvag. It has been accessible via a well-developed road since 1965.

A private tour by bus

We booked a bus tour there from Germany with a private provider. All buses start from a large parking lot near the pier. We're lucky because not many people have booked a private tour. There is enough space in our bus while the Costa tours are fully occupied and take place at tight intervals. Our tour includes transfer and entry to the North Cape. We enter the area through the North Cape Hall. The North Cape Hall is the visitor center at the North Cape.

The Nordkapphallen grottoes

Here there are exhibition, presentation and event rooms, a cafeteria, a chapel, a large souvenir shop and a restaurant with a view of the Barents Sea.

Position 71°10‘21‘‘ north latitude

First of all, let's go to the globe, the famous symbol of the North Cape. The globe made of steel shows the latitude and longitude as well as the inclination of the earth's axis.
The exact position of the North Cape is 71°10‘21‘‘ north latitude. There is rain and poor visibility on 350 days a year. This North Cape standard weather also prevails today.

The Globo of the North Cape
View from the North Cape

One day later - my girlfriend is in the same place as part of a Nordland tour - there is such rare good weather with a perfect midsummer sun.

The globo of the North Cape in the midnight sun

The globo of the North Cape in the midnight sun

Monument to the Children of the World

After we have admired the globe extensively and from all sides, we go through the exhibitions in the North Cape Hall. Finally we visit “Barn av Jorden”, the monument to the children of the world. It was created by seven children from seven nations and stands for friendship, hope, cooperation and joy across all borders. There are special places all over the world.

The Barn av Jorden reliefs

On the way back we stop at a Sami family and visit Skarsvåg, which is known as the northernmost fishing village in the world. After our tour we stroll through Honningsvåg. There are no sights here. A church, a few pubs, a tourist information office, that's it. A typical fishing port, people work here.

View of Honningsvåg

View of Honningsvåg

In the evening at 8 the Costa Pacifica leaves Honningsvåg. This time we are sailing south around the island of Magerøya into the open sea.

Norwegian cities and landscapes

It goes south again. Early in the morning we drive into the Ullsfjorden and then into Tromsøysund. Punctually at 8:00 am, the Costa Pacifica is at Breivika Dock, about four kilometers from the center of Tromsø. In our post Tromsø we inform about the place and its sights.

Tromsø - Breivika Dock - the first impression

Tromsø in rain and cold 

We are unlucky: At around 6 degrees there is light, but constant rain, and a sometimes strong icy wind is blowing. Not the right day for our planned shore excursion, but at least we're trying. 

Costa offers a shuttle bus to the center and back for EUR 15. We found out about local public transport in advance. Buses stop near the terminal, a day ticket costs the equivalent of less than EUR 6. And we can buy this ticket directly at the pier at a tourist information booth.

In the Polaria

We leave the bus in the center of Tromsø. Everything looks gray and dreary. The rain has become so heavy that we first visit the Polaria.

The Polaria Adventure Center

Norway's polar regions are presented there. The Polaria building is an architectural highlight. It symbolizes ice floes pushed ashore. The exhibitions are complex and informative. There is a cinema with a 180-degree screen and films, for example, about the northern lights and Svalbard. In the associated arctic aquarium we are just in time to feed the mighty bearded seals and the common seals.

Seal feeding in the Polaria Adventure Center

Two extraordinary cathedral churches

On the way back to the center we pass the Kunstforening, the forum for contemporary art. After that we reach the Tromso Cathedral Church, the world's northernmost Protestant cathedral.

We follow the shopping street Storgata to Erling Bangsunds Platz. In front of the old town hall we admire the bandstand and the statue of King Haakon VII. He is revered for his resistance against the Germans in the last world war. Next to it are the modern buildings of the library and the new town hall.

Tromsø's new town hall

Our next goal is Vår Frue Domkirke, the Roman Catholic Cathedral Church. It is the seat of the northernmost diocese in the world and offers space for 150 people. We have never seen such a small cathedral.

The Arctic Cathedral

It is only one and a half kilometers on foot from Vår Frue Domkirke to the Arctic Cathedral, Norway's most famous church. However, one kilometer of this leads along the Tromsø Bridge, 43 meters above the Tromsøysund. If the weather is nice, it's definitely an alternative, if it rains and the wind is still icy, we take the bus.

The Arctic Cathedral
Arctic Cathedral - nave and stained glass window

The Arctic Cathedral is a parish and seaman's church. The name Arctic Cathedral is owed to its distinctive shape, which is reminiscent of layers of pack ice. It is the symbol of Tromsø.

There is no bad weather....

I've never liked that saying. Even the best clothing is useless on the mountain Storsteinen today. The Storsteinen is said to offer the best views over Tromsø, and a cable car runs regularly up to 421 meters. We forego the ride because the mountain station of the cable car can hardly be seen from below.

The Storsteinen in the haze

The Storsteinen in the haze

We take the bus back to the ship. Despite the bad weather, we saw a lot of Tromsø.

Conclusion Tromsø 

Tromsø is located north of the Arctic Circle on both sides of the Tromsøysund in a spectacular landscape. Tromsø has the northernmost university, the northernmost brewery and the two northernmost episcopal churches. Over 100 nationalities live in Tromsø. The place is livable and lovable. And one day I will hopefully see Tromsø in the sun.

Tromsø in sunshine

In the late afternoon, the Costa Pacifica leaves Breivika Dock. The route of the Pacifica through narrow fjords and past small and medium-sized islands must be beautiful. Unfortunately you can hardly see anything except mist and rain. That's such a pity.

In the evening we reach the open sea again and drive in a south-westerly direction along the Norwegian coast. The Lofoten are waiting for us tomorrow.   

Leknes and the Lofoten Islands

At 5:30am the Costa Pacifica circles the southern tip of the Lofoten archipelago. A good two hours later she reaches the bay of Gravdal-Leknes harbor on the eastern side of the island of Vestvågøy. The town of Leknes is about four kilometers from the coast. You can find useful information about this in our articles Leknes / Lofoten and Leknes / Lofoten on your own.

Welcome to Lofoten

Tenders in the port of Gravdal / Leknes

Today we tend. When it comes to tenders, priority will be given to fellow travelers who have booked a tour organized by the cruise line. We don't belong to that. We'll see the Lofoten on our own. Maria, our supervisor on board, sent us a tender ticket for an early disembarkation so that we can reach the small port at 8:30am.

Costa Pacifica tender boat at Gravdal jetty

With the public bus across Lofoten

All details about our shore excursion can be found at Leknes / Lofoten on your own. With a bus we drive 56 kilometers across the islands to the south, hike over two smaller islands and take a bus back again. In the morning it is very cloudy. Then it becomes clearer and clearer and from noon we have the most beautiful sunshine.

Sakrisoy / Lofoten
Rambergstrand in Lofoten
Landscape in front of Leknes

The picture book backdrop of the Lofoten Islands

The landscapes in Lofoten are breathtaking. We drive along fjords and beaches that resemble those of the South Pacific. We see picturesque places with red and white houses in front of rugged huge rocks. And in between are rolling hills and green meadows. A picture book backdrop. An organized shore excursion could not have offered us a more beautiful panoramic tour.

Landscape near Leknes

Landscape near Leknes

White Night on the Pacifica

We leave the bay of Gravdal / Leknes at 7 o'clock in the evening. As in the morning we drive two hours along the islands and enjoy the view. And to match the bright nights - we are still north of the Arctic Circle - Costa offers a “White Night” on the Lido Deck. 

The Viking city of Trondheim 

At night, the Costa Pacifica drives along the Norwegian coast in a south-westerly direction and crosses the Arctic Circle. So there is sunrise again - today at 3:08am - and sunset - today at 11:32pm.

Drive in the Trondheimfjord

In the morning we reach the Trondheimfjord. At 130 kilometers, it is Norway's third longest fjord. The trip to the city of Trondheim, today's destination, we spend on the panorama deck and enjoy the varied fjord landscape.

Munkholmen Island in front of Trondheim

In the morning it is cool and cloudy, but at noon the weather changes and it becomes beautiful.

At 1pm the Costa Pacifica docks at Quai 68 in Trondheim. In our post Trondheim we inform about the place. Our stay is only six hours. However, most of the sights are not far from our berth and can be easily reached on foot. Details can be found under Trondheim sightseeing.

From Quai 68 to the Torvet

Trondheim is a surprise to me. Despite the good preparation for our Nordland cruise, I did not expect this attractive university town. The water park Pirbadet and Rockheim, the museum of rock, pop and folk music of Norway, are located in modern buildings right on the pier. We follow the promenade around the marina, cross the railway line and Østre Kanalhavn and walk towards the old town. Trondheim's old town lies in and on the loop of the Nidelva River.

Trondheim - the Rockheim

Our tour takes us to the Ravnkloa fish market. From there you can see well Munkholmen Island, which lies picturesquely in the fjord before Trondheim, and in the opposite direction the tower of Nidaros Cathedral. We follow the Munkegata and pass the magnificent wooden palace Stiftsgården, Residence of the Norwegian royal family in Trondheim. On the Torvet, the 90 by 90 meter central market square, a statue commemorates Trondheim's city founder, the Viking Olav Tryggvason.

Trondheim - the Munkegata with the Nidaros Cathedral
Trondheim - the Stiftsgården


Liebfrauenkirche and Nidaros Cathedral

We make a detour to Vår Frue Kirke. The oldest parts of this small, stone-built church date from the Middle Ages. Services are held in the church, but it also serves as a warming room for people in need.

Our next goal is Nidaros Cathedral. It is Trondheim's most famous sight. We forego the visit because the rush is simply too big. In the garden of the cathedral, however, it is quiet and we enjoy that.

Trondheim - the Nidaros Cathedral

Trondheim - the Nidaros Cathedral

The Archbishop's Palace is located next to the cathedral. Museums and exhibitions are located in the lavishly restored buildings. I particularly like the courtyard.

Gamle Bybrua and Kristiansten Fortress

We cross the Nidelva on the Old Bybrua . The old wooden bridge with the Lykkens Portal is one of Trondheim's top photo motifs. From the bridge you also have an unrestricted view of the colored warehouses on the riverbank.

Trondheim - Buildings on the Nidelva River

On the other side of the Nidelva starts the ascent to the Kristiansten Fortress.

Here I see a bicycle lift for the first time in my life. It works much like a cable car in San Francisco. With a pull rope running in the ground, the bike and driver are pushed up the mountain. The route is 130 meters long and the average gradient is 18%. We watch some of the drivers use the lift. With a little practice, I could do that too.

Kristiansten Fortress is not particularly large, but the view from the ramparts over Trondheim is particularly beautiful.

Trondheim - Kristiansten Fortress

Trondheim - Kristiansten Fortress

Along the Nidelva

We go back to the Nidelva and stroll through the old town The hill country. Time seems to be standing still here. Pretty cafés invite you to relax and small shops to browse. At the river we first pass the old warehouse buildings, then modern residential and commercial buildings follow.

Trondheim - houses on the Nidelva river

On the next bridge, the Bakke Bru, we cross the Nidelva. Then we walk past the Maritime Museum in the direction of the train station and the berth at Quai 68. It was a very nice tour of the city. We took our time and returned to the ship after four hours.

Conclusion Trondheim

We really liked the city of Trondheim. The location on the Trondheimfjord and the Nidelva is exceptional. There are also wide streets and wide squares with tall trees, an impressive cathedral, wooden houses and stone houses, old and new side by side. And the greenery that can be seen particularly well from Kristiansten Fortress.



After the leaving of Costa Pacifica we look for a quiet place in the buffet restaurant. From there we enjoy a large part of the 90-kilometer drive through the Trondheimfjord to the open sea.

Through the fjords at Hellesylt and Bergen 

The Costa Pacifica continued to sail in a south-westerly direction overnight. We reach the Sulafjorden near Alesund early in the morning. Then it goes through the Storfjord and the Sunnylvsfjord to Hellesylt.

Hellesylt - the Langedalselva waterfall

Hellesylt is a tiny place, popular with hikers and the starting point for boat and bus tours to Geiranger.

Drive through the Geirangerfjord to Geiranger 

It is raining lightly and steadily when we reach Hellesylt at 8:30am. Nevertheless, we want to carry out our planned shore excursion. With one of the regular ferries from Hellesylt we will drive through the famous Geirangerfjord and visit the no less famous Geiranger. Information about the place can be found at Geiranger and Geiranger sightseeing.

The Bridal Veil Waterfall in the Geirangerfjord

The scheduled boat goes according to plan and we are on board at 9:30am. Unfortunately, we can only rarely stay on the outside deck during this beautiful panoramic cruise. It's still raining and after a short time we're soaked.

Tourism demands its price

We were in Geiranger nine years ago. At that time we came on a small cruise ship, the MS Astor from TransOcean. The ship was anchored in the Geirangerfjord and we were brought ashore in tender boats.

Mein Schiff 4 at the Seawalk pier

Today, next to the ferry pier, there is the Seawalk, a jetty attached to pontoons where large ships can moor. There lies today Mein Schiff 4 from TUI Cruises. In the fjord anchors Viking Sea.

Geiranger has changed. The place lives from tourism, and tourism demands its price. The small harbor is very busy. Geiranger has 200 inhabitants and 3000 beds.

Geiranger's tourist office
Out and about in the center of Geiranger

In addition, a large and a medium-sized cruise ship, many coaches and private cars ensure a steady flow of people today. Souvenir shops and cafes are lined up, a hop-on hop-off bus takes guests to the Eagle's Bend, and excursion boats ply through the fjord.

A wide waterfall and an octagonal church

We leave the hustle and bustle behind. Next to the Geiranger waterfall, we climb the 307 steps to the Union Hotel and the fjord center. It's a well laid out trail, not too strenuous and with beautiful views of the Geirangerfjord. We recommend.

The Storfossen waterfall in Geiranger
Geiranger's Church

Back to the place we walk a little along the road. We visit the pretty octagonal village church that we were in nine years ago. Again the view from above of the Geirangerfjord inspires us. After two hours we leave Geiranger by ferry - again when it rains. It is so sad. The sun was shining nine years ago. This is something completely different, as you can see in our pictures.

In the Geirangerfjord

In the Geirangerfjord

Tour through Hellesylt 

We go back to the Costa Pacifica, put on dry clothes and eat something. Then we look at Hellesylt. The rain stopped and the weather is nice. Detailed information is available in our article Hellesylt / Sunnylvsfjord.

Hellesylt is as idyllic as Geiranger, but nothing is going on here. We like the narrow valley, the scattered houses of the place and the huge waterfall. And the little wooden church, which of course we visit.

Hellesylt on the Sunnylvsfjord

We leave Hellesylt at 6:15pm. Again a panoramic trip through the Sunnylvsfjord, the Storfjord and the Sulafjorden awaits us. After a good 60 miles we reach the open sea.

Italian night on the Costa Pacifica

In the evening it is Italian night on the Costa Pacifica. Everything is under the motto: Italy. From the colors to the music to a good mood. The atrium, the restaurants and some bars are decorated in the Italian colors. The big Italy show is on in the theater and there is live music everywhere.

Stormy journey to Bergen 

There was a mighty storm during the night. For safety reasons, the ship's command had to reduce the Pacifica's speed considerably. That's why we don't reach Bergen until 10:00am, two hours later than planned. This gives us enough time to enjoy the long journey through the fjord, past many small islands. Coming into Bergen with a ship is wonderful.

Entrance to Bergen

Our shore excursion in Bergen 

We disembark at 10:15am. Bergen's center and most of the sights can be easily reached on foot from the jetty. A few years ago we were in Bergen and took a good look at the harbor area, the historic Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf and Mount Fløien. In our posts Bergen and Bergen sights we report on it in detail.

By tram to the stave church in Fantoft

Today we buy a Bergen Card at the tourist information office. Among other things, it offers free use of local public transport and free admission or discounts to many sights.

We take the tram to Fantoft and visit the stave church. It is an exact replica of a church that was built around 1150 and destroyed by arson a few years ago. We don't see the difference.

Altar of Fantoft Stave Church

City walk

We also go back by tram. At the LilleLungegårdsvannet let's get out. This lake is surrounded by a well-tended green area. There are on one side Code art museums and the concert hall Grieghallen, another side borders on Bergen's pedestrian zone. We walk through the complex and the attractive Pedestrian area. The weather is not bad: it is cool, but at least dry.

At the harbor we admire the tall ship Statsraad Lehmkuhl . The three-master serves as a sailing training ship for the Norwegian Navy and is an eye-catcher. 

Sail training ship Statsraad LehmkuhlSail training ship Statsraad Lehmkuhl

We walk along the harbor basin to Bergenhus fortress. There is a music festival on the site, so we cannot visit the fortress and Håkonshalle. However, the mighty Rosenkrantztårnet tower is accessible and fun to climb around. 

On the Fløien

The weather is clear enough for a ride on the Floien. The valley station of the Fløibanen is near the harbor, and in a few minutes you can take the funicular to Bergen's local mountain, Fløien.

Bergen - view of the cruise ships

From the viewing platform we enjoy the view of the fjord landscape. A nice end to our day tour in Bergen.

On the way to the Costa Pacifica, we make a detour to the old Hanseatic District Bryggen . No visitor to Bergen should miss a visit to this quarter, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979.

Bergen - UNESCO World Heritage Site Bryggen

Bergen - UNESCO World Heritage Site Bryggen

Ciao Norway 

In the evening there is another gala. There is a particularly delicious menu and, in addition, amusement in Italian way: live music during dinner, dancing with the waiters in the restaurant and later in the lounge with the officers. We prefer it quiet, but most of our fellow travelers really enjoy this conversation.

In the evening at 8 o'clock the Costa Pacifica leaves Bergen. It goes through the fjords again to the open sea. We look at the impressive landscapes from the buffet restaurant. It is our last evening off the coast of Norway.

Back to Hamburg at sea

After leaving the Norwegian coast behind us, the Costa Pacifica is heading south towards Hamburg

Our last day at sea

We spend our last day of travel on the sea. A beautiful day. Sun and clouds alternate, and it's not particularly cold. Our program includes an extensive photo tour over the Costa Pacifica. Otherwise we spend a lot of time on the outside decks and laze around.

Costa Pacifica - water slide

Today we take all meals in the Blue Moon restaurant. This restaurant is reserved for suite guests, "normal" travelers have to pay an extra charge. The restaurant is very tastefully decorated and it is calm and relaxed. The food at Blue Moon is particularly delicious, and the service is particularly good.

Costa Pacifica - Blue Moon Restaurant

After dinner we stroll one last time across the Pacifica. For a nightcap, we go to Rick's Bar again.

Hamburg - end of our cruise

We arrive in Hamburg early in the morning. As individual travelers, we could choose a time slot for our departure. That works very well. We disembark on time and without any problems. Across from the ship, our car is waiting in the parking area. The cruise terminal in Steinwerder is actually very practical for arriving and departing by car.

A look back at our Nordland cruise

Our second Nordland cruise did not disappoint. Again I am enthusiastic about the destinations and the landscapes.

The mountain panorama of Hellesylt

We were on the road for twelve days. This is a good time for our cruise in Europe's far north. Some days I would have wished for better weather, but what does it mean. Not every wish comes true.

Costa Pacifica - our floating hotel

The Costa Pacifica did not disappoint either. She is a cruise ship with plenty of space, especially on the open decks. On deck 3 under the lifeboats, you can run or walk in a sheltered way close to the sea even in bad weather.
The pool areas are inviting. They can be closed at the top and can therefore also be used for events.

The subject of music as a design element

Inside, the Pacifica is dedicated to music. The decks are called Swing, Adagio or Mood, there is the lounge Salone around the clock or Cafe Rondo.

Costa Pacifica - Salone Around the Clock

The design is lush, as we know it from Costa, and in my opinion it caters perfectly to the Italian moments in life.

Eating and Drinking

The food is varied and delicious, both in the service and in the buffet restaurant. However, there are few restaurants besides the two main and the buffet restaurant: The Blue Moon, the Samsara and the Pizzeria Pummid'Oro. Special delicacies such as lobster, mozzarella or shrimp can be ordered in the main restaurant for an additional fee.

What is on board?

Whether sport, games, entertainment, music or wellness, the offer on the Costa Pacifica is extensive.
I particularly liked the artists. The live music is high class, from the evening dance music in the Grand Bar about rock bands in Salone Around the Clock to the classical quartet im Salone Wien Vienna. Just as convincing is the theater ensemble, which presents dance, song and acrobatics in rousing shows.

Costa Pacifica - stage show

What I did not like

  • The atrium on deck 3 houses a bar, upholstered seats, the tour office and customer service in a small space. Regardless of the time of day, there is rarely less than 10 people waiting at customer service. The atrium is full, loud and uncomfortable.
  • The service in the restaurant didn't convince me. Some of the food does not arrive at the same time, it is badly cleared, sometimes the plates simply stay there while the next courses are already served.

What i liked

  • The viewing platform on deck 14. Two telescopes await explorers there.
  • The wine bar with the Duo Giselle and Daniel. The singer and the guitarist make music really well. And the wine is delicious too.
  • Every employee of the Costa Pacifica, from the cabin steward to the hotel manager, is friendly, helpful and courteous towards the guests in every situation.

Costa Pacifica - Lido Calypso Bar

Picturesque landscapes and places

I can't say which destination of our cruise I liked the most. The Lofoten are one of my absolute highlights, but there are also Molde, Andalsnes or Trondheim, places worth seeing with flair. The trips along the coasts and in the fjords are something very special. And in any case, the circumnavigation of the North Cape is one of the experiences that an enthusiastic cruiser like me would not want to miss.

Costa Pacifica in Andalsnes


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