Mariner of the Seas - Day 10 - At Sea

The previous evening it was said, "Cast off". New adventures are on the way. The ship is en route to Malta. As the ship accelerates, life on board decelerates once again. The most important item on the cruise director's agenda is the fundraising campaign for the Make-a-Wish Foundation, which gives help to critically ill children. Many fellow travelers were spotted with the T-shirts sold for this campaign after the event.

Mariner of the Seas - life on board

Something else interesting: What is behind the door labels “Crew Only”? For US $ 150,00, 3 ½ to 4 hours of education are promised. The captain leads over the bridge. The Chief Engineer presents the engine control room. The chef allows you to look into the kitchen, provided that hygiene regulations are not violated. The manager of the laundry explains the processes. The on-board ice rink can be viewed backstage. The on-board print shop opens its doors, the ship's doctor gives a lecture and, last but not least, the environmental officer can report on his activities. Interesting, but $ 150,00? Other activities of the day are: bingo, ice skating, dancing, etc.

Mariner of the Seas - Schooner Bar

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