Mariner of the Seas - Day 6 - Rhodes

The Mariner of the Seas sails through the Aegean Sea. On this day we call at Rhodes, the fourth largest Greek island and the largest of the Dodecanese islands. Very practical: the ship is moored in Port Akantia, a few minutes' walk from Rhodes town. Opposite us is the Wind Spirit from Windstar Cruises. The four-master, built in 1988, is a dwarf compared to the Mariner in terms of tonnage. Nevertheless, one likes to look at the ship.

rhodes alley in the old town full of tourists
We have 8 ½ hours for the stay. Start what Swimming or culture? The shipping company offers various excursions, including the Faliraki Beach Package (three hours in a beach hotel) for US $ 39,00, or the beauties of the city of Rhodes for US $ 62,00. We decide on the beauties, ie an individual tour through the nearby old town, which has been a World Heritage Site since 1988 and whose walls we can see from the ship. For more details see below Rhodes sightseeing.

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