Mariner of the Seas - Day 7 - At Sea

Another day at sea. Various activities help to shorten the day. If you don't want to lie on the pool deck with the two large pools or in one of the four whirlpools, go to the more intimate, because quieter, solarium with its two large whirlpools. Or you can look from deck 11 (starting from the solarium) through a wide window front down to the navigating bridge on deck 10; to watch the ship's command at work. It's amazing how calm and relaxed the action on the bridge is. Those who are interested can learn to fold napkins or go ice skating. Got it right. Ice skating! If you need it, the Medi-Spa offers laugh line treatments and lip beautification, etc.


An outboard view of the landscape doesn't hurt either. On her way to Istanbul, the Mariner of the Seas passes various large islands before reaching the Dardanelles. This 65 km long and up to 6 km wide strait represents the connection between the Aegean Sea and the Marmara Sea. After entering the strait you can see Şehitler Abidesi looming on the port side. A mighty monument erected by Turkey in memory of those who fell in the war of freedom against the occupying powers. The city of Çanakkale, located in Asia Minor, soon follows to starboard. The ship pulls through the strait as if on a broad river. Really impressive.

evening sun over the dardanelles

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