My ship 2 - day 2 - Cadiz

Author Anne Plau

We arrive in Cadiz early in the morning. You can find interesting facts about the city in our article Cadiz. We have big plans for our stay. One tour each in the morning and one in the afternoon so that we can see as much as possible.

Tour around the old town

The morning starts with rain, it's only 14 degrees, and a cold wind is sweeping over the city. We wait for the rain to subside and for the sun to come through a bit. Nevertheless, we have to interrupt our tour twice because the rain is too heavy. Shortly before noon the weather changes, the sky turns blue and the wind eases. Lucky. You can find detailed information in our article Cadiz sightseeing.

Cadiz Cathedral and the Torre del Sagraio

Cadiz Cathedral and the Torre del Sagraio

Our first destination is Plaza España, right across from the port exit. From there we go counterclockwise around the historic city center.

From Plaza España to the cathedral

A beautiful promenade leads along above the Bay of Cadiz.

Ficus tree in front of the Baluarte de la Candelaria

Ficus tree in front of the Baluarte de la Candelaria

We pass the Alameda Gardens and the Baluarte de la Candelaria. At Parque Genovés we make a detour to the Gran Teatro Falla. Back at the water we reach the Santa Catalina fort and the beach Playa de la Caleta with the buildings of the former spa which are well worth seeing. At the other end of the playa, a long pier leads to the San Sebastian Castle, which we can only admire from afar.

Castle of Santa Catalina
Castle of San Sebastian

After that, our way becomes a bit monotonous. Always on Campo del Sur, we walk along the sea towards the cathedral. Once there, we first go around the old Roman theater next door. The excavations are very well documented and also very interesting for laypeople.

From the Plaza de la Catedral to the port

Then we visit the cathedral. We were here a few years ago, but it hasn't lost any of its beauty. An absolute must for visitors to Cadiz. We also visit the crypt.

Cathedral of the Holy Cross
Cathedral of the Holy Cross - ceiling construction

Our next stop is the Plaza de San Juan de Dios, lined with palm trees. Here are the town hall, the church of San Juan de Dios and the Casa de los Pazos Miranda, all of which are magnificent buildings. The place is spacious and extends to the harbor basin.

Plaza de San Juan de Dios with the town hall

Plaza de San Juan de Dios with the town hall

Then we go through a small park and the old town back to the cruise terminal. After a lunch break on the ship, we set off for our second tour.

In the Centro, the historic city center

We take a look at the historic city center of Cádiz: All the tree-lined squares that invite you to linger, such as the Plaza de Mina, the Plaza San Antonio, the Plaza de las Flores or the Plaza de Candelaria. They are connected by narrow, picturesque streets with small cafés and bistros. And again and again we see remarkable churches and magnificent secular buildings.

Plaza San Antonio
Plaza Candelaria
One of the many alleys
Entrance to the Torre Tavira

We pass the Palacio de Mora and the Torre Tavira, which we already know from a previous stay. If you are in Cádiz for the first time, you must definitely visit the Torre Tavira with the famous Cámara Oscura.

Cadiz is more than worth seeing. And it makes sense to just stroll through the city and enjoy it all. The whole afternoon we have sun and blue skies and therefore just the right weather for our walk.

Before our stay in Cádiz, we had considered taking the train to Jerez. But there is so much to see in Cádiz: for one day - and a second too - you just stay in Cadiz.

The Moret Monument in the Plaza de San Juan de Dios

The Moret Monument in the Plaza de San Juan de Dios

Meeting with the general manager

In the evening we meet Ms. Kuempel, General Manager of Mein Schiff 2. A very personable and obliging woman who takes time for us and our questions. It cannot be taken for granted. Afterwards we visit a few more cabins. The suites in particular are so beautiful that we could move straight away. However, the significant price difference to our balcony cabin holds us back.

New Mein Schiff 2 - the sky and sea suite

New Mein Schiff 2 - the sky and sea suite

In the evening we test the food in the fish market restaurant. There is a small menu, but selected delicious dishes. The service time is long, but we hope for improvement.

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