Mein Schiff 2 - Day 6 - The third day at sea

Mein Schiff 2 - Day 6 - The third day at sea

Author Anne Plau

Another day at sea. Clouds and sun alternate, it is about 18 degrees. Exactly the right weather for the jogging course. With a length of over 400 meters, it is impressive. At the stern of the ship it rises by 10% and curves over the sea. The view from up there is fantastic.

Neue Mein Schiff 2 - the jogging course at the stern

New MyShip 2 - the jogging course at the rear

The captain gives a lecture on the construction of Mein Schiff 2

In the late morning, Captain Holm gives a lecture in the theater about the construction of Mein Schiff 2. He presents data and facts about the ship, plus pictures from the Meyer shipyard in Turku, Finland. The creation of a cruise ship is extremely interesting, even for non-specialists like me.

Captain Holm at the lecture
Balcony cabin 9083 on the Neue Mein Schifff 2

Of course, relaxation shouldn't be neglected on a day at sea. We can take it easy in the sun on our little balcony.

The food on board

The food on board is delicious and you can eat around the clock. The main restaurants are open at normal meal times, the buffet restaurant from 7:00am to 21:30pm and the day and night bistro - as the name suggests - is open all day.

The dishes are lovingly arranged and presented in an inviting way.

The specialty restaurants are also well attended. There are always reasons to want to top something good.

There is an extra buffet for the little ones, adapted to their height and with child-friendly food.

My favorite restaurant is the fish market because of the extremely tasty dishes.

Restaurant fish market

Restaurant fish market

And I like the buffet restaurant because of the pleasant outdoor area. There you can sit in the fresh sea air, protected from sun and wind if you want. And it's very quiet inside compared to the restaurant areas.

Show and cabaret

In the evening we are again spoiled for choice. A magician appears in the Schaubühne. German and Italian hits from the 1970s and 80s are presented in the theater.

Show in the theater

Show in the theater

We choose the theater and are not disappointed. The show with singing and dancing is fast-paced and fun.

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