My ship 2 - day 7 - Gibraltar

My ship 2 - day 7 - Gibraltar

Author Anne Plau

At dawn we walk towards the Rock of Gibraltar. That looks blatant. From the balcony of our cabin we have a clear view of Gibraltar all day. Everything you need to know about this British overseas territory - it is actually said - can be found in our article Gibraltar.

Gibraltar - The Rock

Gibraltar - The Rock

Gibraltar on foot, by bus and cable car

Today we are on foot and by public transport. We have a lot of time in Gibraltar because we won't leave the famous rock until 22:00pm We buy a day ticket on the bus and drive to the valley station of the cable car. It's early, so there's no waiting. The cable car takes you up to the Upper Rock.

Gibraltar - North Africa ahead
The Skywalk - Gibraltar's new lookout point

From the mountain station at over 400 meters above sea level, we enjoy the fantastic panoramic view from Morocco to Spain. Then we visit the Skywalk, which was inaugurated in March 2018 by Mark Hamill - or better: Luke Skywalker. At the mountain station, on the skywalk and on the paths, we are harassed by the inhabitants of the rock, the Barbary macaques. I don't like them at all, but what would Gibraltar be without these cheeky animals? You can find details under Gibraltar sightseeing.

From Upper Rock to Moorish Castle

We leave the Upper Rock and hike the rock downhill to the Great Siege Tunnels. The tunnels are wide and we spend some time there. It continues downhill. We pass the World War II tunnels, but only look from the outside. On the other hand we visit the Moorish Castle and climb the defense tower.

Cannon in the Great Siege Tunnels
Great Siege Tunnels - View from the Holyland Tunnel
Willis' magazine
One of the fortresses of Gibraltar

Bus number 1 stops not far from Moorish Castle and takes us to the city center. Only minibuses drive in the narrow streets on the slope. I admire our driver, who is hurtling downhill at a decent speed. In between, she greets people she knows and also stops for a little chat. They are hardly interested in the traffic jam that forms behind the bus. It's a fun ride. We get off near the cruise terminal.

Europa Point, 100 Ton Gun and Alameda Gardens

In the afternoon we take the bus to Europa Point. Here at the southern end, Gibraltar is flat. The lighthouse is worth seeing, while the mosque and the Sikorsky monument interest me less.

Trinity Lighthouse

Trinity Lighthouse

On the other hand, the path around the headland offers beautiful views of the sea and the mighty rocks. On the way back we leave the bus halfway to the center. At Rosia Bay we visit the 100 Ton Gun, a dreaded weapon in the 19th century, today a museum piece. Our next destination is the Alameda Gardens. Right next to the cable car, there is a nicely landscaped park with a small botanical garden and a zoo.

In the Botanic Gardens of Gibraltar
Windsor Suspension Bridge

From the park we can see the Windsor Suspension Bridge. Pedestrians cross a gorge on this approximately 70 meter long suspension bridge. One of the new highlights in Gibraltar.

Stroll through Main Street

From the Alameda Gardens we go through Referendum Gates into the city center. We stroll down Main Street to Casemates Square. Gibraltar's Main Street is always interesting. There are representative buildings like the Inces Theater, the Parliament or the two cathedrals, but also a pedestrian zone with interesting shops, small pubs and restaurants.

Bars and restaurants in Casemates Square

Bars and restaurants in Casemates Square

From Casemates Square we take the bus back to the Cruise Terminal. Tonight our pedometer shows 26.400 steps. So we were very busy.

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