Brilliance of the Seas - Transatlantic Westbound

We were not wrongly worried. Our transatlantic cruise with the Brilliance of the Seas started from Copenhagen. A Lufthansa plane was supposed to take us from Frankfurt / Main to Copenhagen.

A few days before the start of the trip, the Lufthansa flight attendants flexed their muscles and threatened strikes. We suspected that this could be tight for us. Three days before departure we received the relieving message that LH had rebooked us on SAS Scandinavian Airlines. It has a reputation for being Europe's most punctual airline.

In fact, the fully booked jet took off punctually from Rhein-Main Airport at noon on September 8th. There is no dawdling on the way. The plane lands without delay. The handling at Copenhagen Airport is quick and easy. Soon afterwards the bus takes us to Sundkaj, one of the three cruise terminals in Copenhagen. The Brilliance of the Seas, which will be our floating hotel for the following days, moored there.

Brilliance of the Seas at Sundkaj berth

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