MSC Poesia - Transatlantic from Fort Lauderdale to Genoa

Saturday. It was a long day ahead of us. We spent the (short) night in the Relaxa Hotel Ratingen. At 5:00 in the morning the wake-up call rang. Showers, an early bird breakfast and then we took a taxi to Düsseldorf-Lohausen Airport shortly before 6:00am

The flight with Air France to Paris Charles de Gaulle took off at 7:20am We believe that CdG Airport should only be used by well-trained long-distance runners. But we also reached the right gate for the booked Air France flight to Miami International Airport at 10:50 am. The aircraft: an older Boeing 747. The machine has seen better days.

Charles de Gaulle airport

After a flight time of 9 1/2 hours we arrived punctually in Miami / Florida. The time difference was 6 hours. The flight went off without any problems. The only annoyance on this beautiful day: A lot of red wine on the good shirt because of a defective drinking cup. The napkins and the encouragement from the friendly flight attendant didn't help either. A cashmere sweater was then put on in warm Miami to hide the large stain. After all, you have style.

Immigration was completed after an hour of waiting. The officer was very friendly. This was followed by the bus transfer to the good Hilton Garden Inn Miami Airport West hotel. After checking in, we freshened up and took the free hotel shuttle back to MIA airport. From there we let the 150 Airport Express take us over to Miami Beach South to Lincoln 16 Street. We walked over to Collins Ave, then Ocean Drive, and on to the beach. Since we didn't get there until around six in the evening, it was already dark. Nevertheless, it was an experience to step onto the wide and well-kept beach in a mild breeze. We stood on the beach and looked at the skyscrapers behind us. It all looked really good, but not a suitable moment for a beach break. So we left the beach and strolled down Ocean Drive for several blocks. Here is one nice restaurant next to the other. Apparently the jeunesse doree from Miami operates here. We perceived noticeably attractive people in this area.

In the end it was too loud and too turbulent for us after this long day on Ocean Drive. So we went back to the Collins. It was also time to eat. A good dinner was served to us at Café del Sol. After we were still freezing the same day in Düsseldorf, we sat on the outside terrace in pleasant temperatures and were happy to look at the well-kept cars.

Our day was over. We went back to the bus and looked around a little. It was quite turbulent in the surrounding streets at this time. For US standards it was still quite early. But not for us. We took the 150 bus back to the airport. The taxi continued to the hotel. In Germany it would now be 4:00am (the next day). We fell into bed and fell asleep.

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